How To Defeat Scout Striders In Helldivers 2

To take out the Scout Striders, the robots controlled by robots in Helldivers 2, you will need to position yourself correctly.

The Scout Striders in Helldivers 2 are the robots that the Troopers pilot. You will encounter Scout Striders during Automaton Operations, at medium and above difficulty options. The planets that are represented by red color on the map in Helldivers 2 typically have a lot of Scout Striders.

The Scout Striders in Helldivers 2 are heavily armored from the front but not as fast as some other Automatons. If you know their weaknesses, you can take them out quickly. This guide will cover all the tips and tricks that you will need to destroy the Scout Strider and kill the Trooper.

How to beat Scout Striders in Helldivers 2

The easiest way to beat the Scout Strider Automaton is by targeting the rider at its back. No shield protects the Trooper, so position yourself at its back and then use any good weapon like AR23 or Breaker shotgun to quickly and easily kill the trooper. After this, if you want to destroy the Scout Strider, you can do so with any weapon.

The main issues that you will face while encountering this Automaton are their rapid fire and sheer number of units. If a lot of Scout Striders jump in to attack you, it will get difficult for you to get to their backs and target the Trooper, which is the weak spot.

To deal with this situation, you can do two things. If you have a good Stratagem that can pierce armor like the Railgun, then you can target the Scout Strider’s legs in Helldivers 2. The Recoilless Rifle Stratagem will also work. You can quickly destroy its legs, which will make it fall to the ground, and then you can quickly kill the bot trooper on its back.


Autocannon can help you distract and even kill the Scout Striders if placed in the correct position.

For the other strategy, you will need a team. What you will need to do is take cover and engage as many Scout Striders as possible in a fight with you. Once you do that, your teammates can circle and head to the enemy’s back and take them out with a couple of shots from any weapon.

However, while following this strategy, you will need to look out for other enemies as well. It would be better to communicate with your team and use one of Helldivers 2’s support weapons with AoE explosives to take out all the enemies in the range, including the Scout Striders.

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