How To Kill A Charger With A Resupply Pod In Helldivers 2

The high-ground trick will help you hit the Charger with the Resupply Pod and unlock the trophy in Helldivers 2.

Killing the Charger with a resupply pod is a task in Helldivers 2 that you can complete to unlock the “Caught Them By Supplies!” trophy/achievement. However, it isn’t easy to do as the Charger moves continuously, and the resupply pod takes some time to land. On top of that, if you stay still in one place for too long to lure the charger, it will literally charge at you and deal a massive amount of damage.

You must get the Charger under the Resupply pod drop-off location at the right time to unlock the achievement. Lucky for you, we have some tips that can help you easily kill a charger with a resupply pod in Helldivers 2 and unlock the Caught Them By Supplies achievement.

How to unlock the Caught Them by Supplies! achievement/trophy

To unlock the trophy in Helldivers 2, you first must start the Charger Elimination mission on medium difficulty. You must land on the highest ground possible for the first trick to work.

Landing on the highest ground may take a few tries, so keep repeating. Once you successfully land on the highest point, attack the weak spot on the back of the Charger. After dealing some damage, the Charger will slow down and get stunned.

Ensure the Charger is in the same position as in the image above. Once done, request the supply and ensure its position is right under the Charger Belly. It will take around 10 seconds for the resupply pod to land.

If you have damaged the Charger enough and the resupply pod lands right at the weak spot on its back, it will take out the Charger and unlock the trophy “Caught them by Supplies!” in Helldivers 2.


Try this method solo and target Charger Feet while throwing Signal as if you target body, it can bounce after hitting the armor.

If the high-position trick is not working, you must risk your life. In the second trick, make sure to damage the Charger enough and then call for the Resupply Pod. Jump right at the drop location and lure the Charger.

Now, you only need to circle the signal beam and dive to dodge Charger. When about a second or two are left, you must ensure the Charger is right below the Resupply pod drop location. You may get killed, but this will unlock the Caught them by Supplies! Trophy in Helldivers 2.

This trick works even well if you have some rock and make Charger hit them. This will stun the Charger, and you get the time to hit it with a Resupply Pod. If the resupply pod misses, you must wait a few minutes before trying again.

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