How To Kill Berserkers In Helldivers 2

To kill the Berserkers in the Helldivers 2, you will need some good Stratagems and information about the Berserker Weak Spots.

Berserkers are one of the Automaton enemy types in Helldivers 2 that you will usually find on planets controlled by Automatons or while completing Automaton Operations. Berserkers always spawn on medium and above difficulty and are frequent enough that you won’t have to make an effort to search for them.

These heavily armored bot enemies will engage in a melee fight with you and target you with their chainsaw hands. To defeat Berserkers in Helldivers 2, you will need to hit their weak spot with the best armor-piercing Stratagems. Here is everything that you will need to know for taking out the Berserkers.

How to beat Berserkers in Helldivers 2

Even though Berserkers don’t attack from a distance and always attack you with melee attacks, they will mostly attack in groups and rush toward you, so taking cover or climbing up out of their reach is essential. They can quickly kill you in two or three hits if you try to target anything else other than a Berserker’s weak spots.

You can target Berserker’s weak spots, which are their head and core, to take them out quickly. Both the weak spots will glow red, so you can quickly identify and target them even at night. The core or middle area of the Berserker is more fragile, and you can target it to kill it even more quickly. However, it is more challenging to target.


If many Berserkers are running toward you, use the shotgun or armor-piercing weapon. These will take out their arms and make them harmless for you. After this, you can take it out with a few shots at the weak spots.

You can use Railgun, one of the best stratagems that you can have in Helldivers 2, to take out Berserkers. However, using Stratagems like Eagle 500KG Bomb or a good support weapon like Grenade Launcher is an effective way of killing Berserker, but you can’t use it often.

But there is a trick that you can follow. Find a spot where Berserkers can’t reach you and gather as many of them in a single spot as possible. After this, you can use a single bomb like Eagle 500KG to kill them all at once in Helldivers 2.


If you are playing in a team, make sure to communicate with your team so you don’t end up killing them as well.

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