Hellblade is a Single Player Only Experience, It’s Not Open World

Ninja Theory during a Q&A session with the fans has revealed bunch of new information about the recently revealed title Hellblade.

The most important information that was shared during this session was that the game is being developed by 12 people and it will only be single player linear game with no open world experience.

Furthermore, the game will be played in a third person perspective, where a large focus will be on sword based combat.

Some people upon the announcement of Hellblade were thinking that it would have some relation with PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, but it will not be the case as developer assures that this is a new IP and will have its own storyline and characters.

Also, the developers are leaning towards a digital release of the game instead of releasing it on retail because they are going to self-publish it.

The game will utilize Unreal Engine 4 for the visuals, which means that you can look forward to see some impressive graphics.

More information and behind the scenes video of the game will be released next week to give the fans more details about the upcoming project.

Hellblade will first make its way to PlayStation 4 and after that it may release on other consoles and PC as well.

Contributor at SegmentNext.