Tie In Comics Point to Venom and Green Goblin In Insomniac Games’ Spider Man PS4 Sequel

Fans have been aching to know what villains Insomniac is going to include in the sequel of Spider Man PS4. Although no one knows for sure, the tie-in comics of the game “Spider-Man: City At War” may have strongly hinted at what’s to come.

Insomniac’s Spider Man for the PlayStation 4 was a massive success. Not only did the game surpass expectations but it was also met with positive reviews from fans of the character. The game was praised for its swinging mechanics, combat, narrative, and the amount of character depth it was able to bring in just one game for both, our heroes and villains.

The game’s ending wrapped up some story arcs but left the door open for a future sequel. It was pretty clear that Insomniac Games wanted to explore more Spider Man PS4 sequel, especially when it came to its villains.

Spoiler Warning: We’re going to discuss some spoilers regarding Spider-Man PS4’s ending. If you haven’t played the game yet, now is your chance to potentially save yourself the surprise.

In Spider-Man: City at War #2, the tie-in comics, Spider-Man battles a villain called S.W.A.R.M, which stands for Symbiotic Warfare Anthophila Restraining Model. Insomniac Games wanted to include Swarm in Spider-Man PS4 but the villain was cut out. The decision makes sense when you consider how many villains the game already had.

Spider-Man PS4’s ending showed Harry Osborn suspended in a green vat of chemicals with a string of symbiotic goo reaching out for Norman Osborn when he approaches the vat. Spider-Man fans would’ve guessed what that meant right off the bat but for those who didn’t, here’s what it means:


The combination of both “Symbiots” in the City at War and the original Spider Man PS4 strongly suggests that Insomniac will explore The Green Goblin and Venom as villains in the sequel.

Since neither Insomniac nor Sony has confirmed anything official about the villains in Spider-Man 2, it is best to take this with a grain of salt. Marvel’s Spider-Man is developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for the PS4.

Image Credit: Marvel