Harvestella Treasure Locations Guide

Harvestella unsurprisingly has several collectibles that you can find over the course of your progression.

Treasures, like the name suggests, are scattered all over the map for you to discover and loot for valuable rewards. They come in many forms. You will not always loot Grillas from them.

Most Treasure Chests will give you rare mining resources or cooking ingredients that you can use in crafting/cooking for expensive items to sell at high margins.

Something to note is that Treasures do not respawn in Harvestella. You will not be able to collect them again after looting them the first time.

The following guide will tell you where to find all Treasure Chests in Harvestella.

Where to find all Treasures in Harvestella

Bird’s Eye Brae

  • Stellar Wheat Seeds – You can find four seeds behind your house in Bird’s Eye Brae.
  • Return Bell – There will be a chest located on the hill behind your house.
  • Windreader Feather – Another chest can be found at the Hilltop next to a tree.
  • Ketchup Omelet Recipe – The third chest is located at the Hilltop and can be reached by repairing the bridge with a Repair Kit.

Hidden Cave

  • Salmon and Veg Recipe – You can find the recipe to make Salmon and Veg in Hidden Cave.

Lethe Village

  • Copper Ore – There will be an abandoned house with the chest behind it.
  • Flour – The fountain in Lethe Village has another chest with three flour.
  • Eggs – The third chest with three eggs is in a house behind the Lethe General Store.
  • Stellar Wheat Seeds – You will find 4 seeds across the weapons shop Smithy
  • Carrop Seeds – Behind Cres Clinic, another chest will have two seeds.
  • Milk – The Mayor House has a chest that will have 3 milk inside.
  • Connelu Doll – You can find this item close to the Ike House.
  • End of Eden XII: Growth – The kid’s path on the western part of Lethe Village has a wagon that has this item inside.

Njord Steppe

  • Carrop Seeds – You can find three seeds at the starting point of Njord Steppe.
  • Dress Lettuce Seeds – The first intersection has three seeds.

Higan Canyon

Scarlet Gorge

  • Return Bell – This item will be inside the chest along with Dianthus Armor Components.
  • Stellar Wheat Seeds – You can find four seeds close to where you will find Chloro Gel in the intersection.
  • Carrop Seeds – The seeds will be near the creature called Gallop
  • Dress Lettuce Seeds – You can find these seeds on the left side of the Winding Paths.
  • Copper Ore and Unionion Seeds – These two items can be found where you find Chloro Gel and Fire Element.
  • Conellu Seeds – On the main path, you can find the seeds close to the Zouy and Chloro Gel.
  • Star Crystal – You can see the reflection from afar and when inspected, you will be attacked by Goblin.
  • Lumber – You can find six lumber that will be guarded by three Goblins.

III Cypress Crossing

  • Rusty Metal – At the first bridge, you will find the seeds in the alcove.
  • Unionion Seeds – The seeds can be found near the crystal bridge before Fear enemy.
  • Small Flame Core – You can find this item by looking at a reflection of light in Crystal Bridge.
  • Pyro Liquid – The repairable bridge will have a chest containing this item.
  • Carrop Seeds – The first location is guarded by two Goblins and the second location is in a chest where you will find Crawler and Fire Element.
  • Cucumber Seeds and Princess Chestnut Saplings – In the same chest where you will find Pyro Liquid near the Repairable Bridge.
  • Dress Lettuce Seeds – You can find these seeds near the Crawler and Chloro Gel.
  • Repair Kit – Inside the leaves below the repairable bridge.
  • Grouply Grapes – The grapes can be found near the Zouy and FEAR.
  • Connelu Doll – In a hallway with the FEAR, this item can be found.
  • Carrop Seeds – There will be a chest near the Fire Element and Crawler.
  • Small Flame Seeds – You can find this item in a alcove before the final part: Seat of the Fall Seaslight.

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