How To Make Money In Harvestella

Grilla is the in-game currency that you will be earning and spending in Harvestella. There are several activities in the game that you can endure to make money, most of which are tied to your mainline progression. Hence, you will not have to go out of your way, at least most of the time.

The following are the ways in which you can make money in Harvestella.

How to earn Grillas in Harvestella

Sell your crops and monster spoils

As Harvestella is a farming simulator game, the best and easiest way you can earn money is going to be by farming and harvesting crops.

Farming crops can be started after you are introduced to Cres in the Village. Starting up, you will need seeds that you can buy from the General Store. If you can wait for a little, the seeds can also arrive through the courier at the farm.

There are many Treasure Chests, Mailboxes, and NPC found everywhere on the map that will drop free seeds. You can find seeds for plants such as Wheat, Dress Lettuce, and Carrots.

If you can save the money spent on the seeds, you can have more money to spend elsewhere on the farm. Seeds will cost a fortune when you want to plant crops on your whole farm.

Find treasure chests

Exploring the map will uncover all sorts of secrets in Harvestella. Most of them will be accompanied by rewards that spell profit.

Always be on the lookout for Treasure Chests. They contain valuable items, including seeds that you can plant on your farm. They can also give you Return Bells that enable you to stay out longer for foraging.

Forage ingredients and items to sell

You can also forage mushrooms and berries from the forest In Harvestella and sell them for 20 Grilla per item. If you have depleted one spot of the forest foraging, it will respawn the next day.

As you forage around in the forest in Harvestella, you can also find weapons and items that are dropped by enemies such as Zouy’s Fur. Each item will sell for 100 Grilla.

Cook and sell recipes

Cooking makes for a major part of Harvestella. Once you have repaired the kitchen counter from the Renovator, a structure shop located in Lethe Village, start cooking meals that you can sell for money.

You can unlock more recipes over the course of progression. Particularly look out for the Juicer and Flour Mill to unlock some of the highest-selling cooking recipes in the game.

Catch and sell fish

Unlocking fishing costs money in Harvestella but is well worth the value. This is only a little investment that will pay more than its cost in the long run.

When you have obtained your fishing rod and fishing license, head to any fishing spot to catch fish. You can then sell any caught fish for some extra money.

Complete all side quests

If you want to earn extra Grilla, make sure to complete all of your side quests in the game. Take a break from the main campaign and look for side activities on the map. Each of these side quests will give you at least 1,000 Grilla for your time.

Sell your excess raw materials

Stop hoarding raw materials in Harvestella. You just need to have a good amount of materials in the back. Nothing in excess.

There will be a Shipping Container found in Harvestella that can be used to sell the items that you are no longer in need. Each item will sell for a different amount but rare items such as Black Pearls and Star Crystals will get as much as 500 Grillas.

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