How To Make Hammer In Harvestella (Hard Stone Locations)

For any structure that you want to make in Harvestella, you need a hammer. For even clearing more land to farm, you need a hammer. Seeing how crucial the hammer is to your progress, it’s best that you craft your first hammer as soon as possible.

If you are unsure of how to get your hands on a hammer in the game, allow us to guide you through the process of finding hard stones and crafting a hammer in Harvestella.

How to craft hammer in Harvestella

Hammer is not unlocked on the second day, and neither does Cres give you a hammer like the hoe and watering can. After a few days, Cres will tell you that you need to get yourself a hammer, and the only way to get one is to craft one for yourself.

To craft a hammer, you need to get 10 Hard stones. After you get 10 Hard Stones, you can go into your inventory and craft a hammer for yourself.

Hammer allows you to create new structures that you need, such as animal pens. Furthermore, you need the hammer to clear out more land for farming. Hammer allows you to break stones and clear out debris. Any land that you have already plowed can also be reverted by the hammer.

Where to find Hard Stone

Now, you need 10 Hard Stone to get a hammer, but where do you get the 10 Hard Stone? Hard Stone is one of the most common and basic raw materials that you find in Harvestella. The earliest location to farm Hard Stone in Harvestella is just next to Njord Steppe.

Head east from Njord Steppe and there, you will find a few nodes that you can mine to get Hard Stone. There are only a few nodes here, and you will not get 10 Hard Stone here on your first mining trip.

After you have mined all the nodes, just head back to your house and sleep for a day. All the mining nodes spawn after 1 in-game day. Just keep farming these nodes until you get 10 Hard Stone for your first hammer,

All Hard Stone mining spots are designated on your map with a rock icon after you have discovered them. This makes it much easier to find any mining spot that you have already discovered.

As you progress and unlock more areas in Harvestella, you will find more Hard Stone mining spots, increasing your ability to mine Hard Stone

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