Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Is A New Mobile Card Game-RPG Hybrid

There’s a new Harry Potter mobile game coming in the near future and, thankfully, it has a gameplay focus, unlike Hogwarts Mystery. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a  card game with RPG elements and will release on iOS and Android, starting from China. Its development has leaked exactly one year ago and finally, we get a confirmation.

The announcement came from NetEase. In partnership with Warner Bros., they’ll release Harry Potter: Magic Awakened first in China with pre-registrations being live already. This will be the third Portkey Games title to release on mobile, after Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite. Both previous titles bore great expectations, however, they failed to approach a huge audience due to their issues in gameplay. With a card game – rpg hybrid joining the ranks, we expect that gameplay gap to diminish.

Even though Harry Potter has a huge fanbase all over the world, it’s true that only a percentage of them will actually be interested in Magic Awakened. Card games aren’t casual and it will be difficult for players to stay dedicated to a title that requires tons of grind to stay relevant.

Here’s a gallery of images from Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, as was posted by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmed on Twitter:

NetEase said about Harry Potter: Magic Awakened:

“Harry Potter: Magic Awakening will restore all the spells, characters and magical animals that fans know and love, and present them in a unique visual image”. “We are honored to be working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and can’t wait to let fans experience this new world of magic.”

From what we can see, Magic Awakened will have team-based gameplay, like the ones we see in gacha games. In addition, though, you’ll have trading cards that will cause spells to trigger.

As interesting as it sounds, it will be some time before we get our hands on it. The first test will be the perception of Chinese gamers, a market that appreciates mobile games more than any other in the world. There’s no release date for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened yet, however, we doubt it will be available across the globe before the end of 2019.

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