Hardware Exclusivity Not Going To Be A Thing According To AMD

AMD is not going for hardware exclusivity according to a recent interview with an AMD spokesperson. We have seen exclusive games come out for the Xbox One and the PS4 and these exclusives can be a major purchase factor when it comes to consoles.

This, however, will not be the case with AMD and Nvidia. Until now we have seen serious competition with features like ShadowPlay and what not but that is going to be a thing of the past as AMD is going to open source hardware features.

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Such features have in fact caused a rift in the gaming base and in the future there will be no games that will only run on one brand of hardware and not on the other. While Nvidia did not comment on this matter AMD made it clear that they had no plans for hardware exclusivity.

“We support game developers with open source standards, we advocate long. […] We would like to help every developer with our technology and allow them to realize their project without any restrictions. It is very important for us that all these tools and libraries are completely open source and do not need AMD hardware. “

Why Nvidia has not commented about hardware exclusivity is beyond me, it was not such a hard question. If AMD can be straight about it then I think Nvidia can as well.

Though the different features offered has caused a split in the user base in the past it is good to know that it is not what AMD is aiming for in the future and the company want to make life easier for users and not difficult. This is the kind of attitude we expect from companies like AMD and Nvidia.

What are your views regarding hardware exclusivity?

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