Another Halo Wars 2 Beta Is Coming Early 2017

The Halo Wars 2 beta that was released so that players could take a look at the game has ended, and because of the massive player response the game will be undergoing a number of changes beforehand. According to Dan Ayoub, the studio head of Strategy Games at 343 Industries, the beta showed that the game had a lot of work to go through still.

As a reward for the feedback, though, we will be getting another Halo Wars 2 beta in Early 2017, before the game releases. Ayoub said in his message on Xbox Wire that the beta and players’ reactions to it allowed them to pinpoint specific areas that players found lacking, which the studios can now improve on.

According to Ayoub, the adjustments will be in five categories: controls, leader abilities, bases, resources, and population.

For controls, 343 and Creative Assembly have already adjusted the controls for the game to make it faster and easier to engage in actions in the game. In addition to that, new controller layouts will also be implemented if the regular layout doesn’t satisfy you.

Leader Powers turned out to be very fun to use for players that invested in them in the Halo Wars 2 beta, but others found them unclear in use, and that their evolution trees were confusing. The developers will be working on ways to make the leader powers more straightforward and easier to use, to make it a better “balance vs cost” aspect.

Thirdly, the game’s bases would also be getting changes. Much like leader powers, there didn’t appear to be clear enough information on what the building upgrades would do, and it was difficult to know how much damage the buildings were taking.

As for resources, the Halo Wars 2 beta appeared to make the costs in energy and resources to build buildings and units far too high, requiring resource-generating buildings to take up large amounts of space on bases. These will be fixed to make the costs more balanced and to scale with how far into a game you are.

Finally, a higher population count is also going to be implemented.

People will get more chances to play Halo Wars 2 at Gamescom, Pax West, and a number of other events, but until then we’ll have to wait and watch for more information.

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