Halo TV Series is Still in Production, 343 Industries Confirms

Back in 2013, Microsoft and 343 Industries announced Halo TV series revolving around the game’s universe. Since the announcement, we did not hear much about the TV series, but now it has been confirmed that it is still in production.

Halo TV Series Still in Production

During a Q&A panel conducted by 343 Industries in RTX, the developer confirmed that Halo TV series has not been scrapped and will possibly revealed soon.

The TV show was originally revealed about 3 years ago and it was confirmed that movie directing legend Steven Spielberg would join the team directing the TV show. Furthermore, Microsoft also said that with the TV show, the company intended to blend the interactivity of the Xbox One with the storytelling magic of television.

According to Elan Lee of Microsoft Entertainment Studios:

The basic problem before us, or the job description as I see it, is that Microsoft is going to build an interactive TV studio. We’re in the process of building that. It’s exciting, because right now, all these people have incredible hardware plugged into their televisions. They have controllers in their hands. They have synchronization software for their phones. They have gesture and voice recognition; all this stuff that makes you feels like you’re part of a deeper narrative.

While many a fans dreaded the cancellation of the show, it is good to see that it is in full swing and will be revealed to viewers soon rather than later.

In relevant Halo news, Microsoft has announced that all future video games published by Microsoft Studios will release both on Microsoft Windows 10 and Xbox One as a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere initiative.

This essentially means that games like Halo 6, Forza Motorsport 7, and other Xbox One exclusives will also release on PC. To read up more, head over to the post!


Source: RectifyGaming.

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