Halo Reach Easter Eggs Guide

Learn about all the easter eggs in Halo Reach and how you can find these mini 'collectibles' to satisfy your inner geek with this guide

Halo Reach is filled with tiny and huge surprises for the keen-eyed players. These can be either super obvious or particularly easy to miss. Some of these easter eggs are fun hidden areas or activities that you can play around with while others are references to pop culture or this franchise’s lore. Either way, we have prepared this list of every known Halo Reach Easter Egg in the game’s campaign, multiplayer and general play modes for your convenience.

Halo Reach Easter Eggs

Let’s first take a look at the different easter eggs you can come across during the story camapign of the game.

Mini Skirmisher
In the Winter Contingency level, you can find a miniature version of the Skirmisher. You will need at least two players to get to it.

Once the civilians have exited the building, head towards your objective in the building to the right. Crouch jump onto the ledge to the right of the main door and move forward until you reach a cliff. From there, you will spot a corner with a boundary that is restricting your access to the roof.

You can get both players up there by performing simple trick. One of you should jump continuously in the corner while the other player hits him so that he elevates higher and higher until he reaches the roof level. The other player can then jump off the cliff and respawn on the roof.

From there, progress to the back left of the building and you will spot the Mini Skirmisher in the corner and kill it to collect a Needle Rifle.

Reach Racer
This easter egg can be found on the ONI Sword Base and you need two or more people to find it.

Clear the area of enemies once you’ve acquired the target locater. Then head left from the starting location and towards the waterfall in the far East side of the area.

You will find an invisible switch on top of a big rock in that area and another switch on top of a yet another rock in the right area. Both players need to hit both switches at the same time.

The Reach Racer objective will then appear and you will teleport to the entrance of the ONI Sword Base along with two gauss warthogs. The objective is to race the warthogs to the different checkpoints and whoever loses this race will explode.

Gun the Pelican Turret
During the Long Night of Solace level, you will spot a pelican turret with a bomb attached to it after you’ve taken out everyone in the bay and let Jorge in. Enter the turret by crouching underneath it and then pressing X.

MOA burger
In the level Exodus, head up the stairs to the left after your encounter with the Phantom.  You will then spot a sign to your right that says “new flavor”. The price is $7.77, which is an obvious reference to Bungie’s favorite number.

Newspaper smiley face
This is one of many different Easter Eggs in New Alexandria. From the starting area, head straight to the roof of the building that has a triangular emblem on it. There are a bunch of newspapers that form a smiley face on the middle curved window.

Grunt Party
You can find this easter egg in New Alexandria; go to the hospital when you get the objective to head to Club Errera. When you get there, float down to the dark alcove that is below the right building’s entrance. Push the switch you find in the crack and then proceed to the club.

The entire club is filled with Grunts dancing, hitting and shooting each other. There is also a Brute DJ.  You can find a rocket launcher in the middle of the room. The brutes on the right side will offer you DMRs while the ones on the left will present you with jetpacks.

Head to the top of the building and come in from the side of the entrance. Once you land on the center, you can spot a building to your right. There is a switch that changes the music to The Siege of Madrigal. Killing anyone at the club will cause the brutes to attack you.

Suicidal Marine
This is yet another New Alexandria Easter Egg. From the top, head up the stairs to the right and then turn left. Once you go around the wall. You will find a depressed and paranoid marine who points a pistol to his own skull.

This is an easter egg from Halo ODST. When you have to guard the falcon in New Alexandria, Sergeant Buck of the ODST will speak.

Star Wars Reference
If you have the IWHBYD Skull on you while you’re on New Alexandria, sometimes one of your gunners will say ”Just like shooting swamp rats back home” after taking down an enemy. This is a reference to what Luke Skywalker says in A New Hope.

Jun Gun
Start at the end of Pillar of Autumn on any difficulty. There is a UNSC logo on the left side of the cockpit on the mass driver and next to it is Jun’s service tag: S-226.

Master Chief in Incubator
In the ending cutscene of The Pillar of Autumn, once some soldiers run past you, the camera can be rotated to the right and you can spot this easter egg and see Master Chief in his incubator.

Master Chief in Clouds
During the Lone Wolf level’s opening cutscene, the center of the sky has a cloud formation in the shape of the master chief’s helmet and shoulders.

Master Chief Statue
Level-Lone WolfGo into theater mode after playing. Play the movieregularly until you see the first banshee come from the lower right.Then, use the skip back button to go to the beginning of the videond press B and then Y to get out of the map.

You will see, inthe distance,the launching bay of the Pillar of Autumn. To the leftof the middle crane, you should see a small silver statue of masterchief facing the bay.

Level-VariousAt various places in the campaign, you will see andelite ranger that is gold. If you have live and kill it, you will getthe medal “seek and destroy”. But they are also more powerfulthan regular rangers.

Marty O Donnell
In various missions, some members of your fireteam may have a tag that spells “MRTY” and it displays O-Donnell at the bottom. This is a reference to the Halo soundtrack composer Marty O-Donnell.

Let’s take a look at different easter eggs you will come across in the forge world.

Forge World Skull
If you spawn in the coliseum, fly out towards the snowcapped mountain in the distance.  You will see that it is shaped like a skull.

General Easter Eggs

When you zoom in with a non scoped weapon, you can spot a binary code at the bottom left. This translates into Dave.

Face on Shotgun Handle
There is a face at the bottom of your shotgun’s handle.

Golden Bullet
Shoot with the DMR enough times, and some golden bullets may come out. Anything they impact with starts glowing.

Jet Pack Hornet Graphic
While hovering with a jet pack, go into theater mode and you will spot a Hornet Graphic on it.

Misriah Armory
These two words are branded onto every UNSC gun you see.

Turret-less Vehicles
When playing on Forge, you can drag the Scorpian, Wraith, Warthog, and Falcon vehicles through a kill ball and just destroy their turrets while the vehicles themselves remain drivable.

Its turret or turrets will be destroyed, but it is still drivable. During Multiplayer or campaign, you can simply blast off the turrets with a plasma launcher.