Halo Online May be Shutting Down

Rumours are starting on the Internet that Halo Online may be shutting down. Still speculation, this won't be the only online game that was cancelled in 2015

Rumours are starting to circulate that Halo Online may be shutting down. Created for a Russian audience, it was built as a low-end PC aimed stripped down version of Halo 3.

Rumours are being reported that Microsoft have shut down the project which was being developed by Saber Interactive with the support of 343 Industries. First revealed in March 2015 the game was first aimed at a Russian audience but was also getting attention from other countries too.

Halo Online is set on the secret space station “Anvil,” where elite fighters are trained in a new program known as “SPARTAN-IV”. Taking place in battles that are indistinguishable between real fights and locations all recognisable to the universe of Halo. It also had weapons and maps added that were unique to the online game.

If this rumour is true, this is not the only “online” version of a popular game to have shut down in 2015. Borderlands Online a version of Borderlands 2 created by 2K China was also shut down. Obviously this is a bad sign for projects like this which are looking to extend popular games in an online, but stripped down version. Another example of this is Call of Duty Online which has tried the same model.

When we have confirmation about the shutdown of Halo Online it will be interesting to see the reaction of the gaming community. If there is little reaction, this may be a hint as to why it is shutting down. If the game wasn’t gaining an expanded fan base then it may not have seemed viable by Microsoft.

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