Halo Master Chief Collection Halo 2 Easter Eggs Locations Guide

Similar to other Halo titles, Halo 2 is teeming with Easter Eggs, unique weapons, and undiscovered musical notes to find.

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Halo Master Chief Collection Halo 2 Easter Eggs Locations

Achievement-Hunters will be able to get their hands on tons of Gamerscore by finding these simple Easter Eggs. This guide is designed to provide a quick walkthrough of where you can find all the Easter Eggs that Halo 2 has to offer:

The Return of Megg
This Easter Egg can be found during Cairo Station mission and is not like the one found in Halo: Combat Evolved. In Halo 2, this Easter Egg is a dialogue announced over the PA System after reaching the hanger bay containing the Covenant Bomb.

There are a couple of things that must be done in order to attain this Easter Egg, which are:

  • Play the mission on Solo Legendary difficulty setting
  • You must activate the Thunderstorm Skull and may also activate Envy/Scarab Skulls
  • You must not take any damage before reaching the hanger

Once you’ve completed all these conditions, you’ll hear the dialogue and unlock this Achievement.

Rex Sword
This Easter Egg can be found during Outskirts mission. You need to use the light fixture located in the doorway at the very beginning to reach the roofs above your location.

Scale the rooftops across the map and from the bridge, grenade-jump to another building. Keep on moving forward and you’ll eventually come across a rooftop with a hole in it.

You need to dive down into the hole to acquire the Rex Sword with unlimited ammo.

THE Chips Dubbo?
Chips Dubbo: this Private First Class is an Australian Marine and fights with UNSC. You’ll often recognize him during the battle from his accent and witty remarks. You don’t have to do anything extra to make this Achievement pop.

This Easter Egg is found during the Metropolis mission. While playing this mission, you’ll be asked to destroy a couple of Wraiths. Once you’ve picked up the Scarab Gun with the Banshee, go ahead of amphitheater and you’ll come across a destroyed building with a large hole at its one side.

You need to get to the very bottom of this hole to find a soccer ball located in the farthest corner of the dark area.

Scarab Lord
This unique weapon can be found during Metropolis mission. You’ll find this weapon lying at the very top of bridge connecting the two buildings after the tunnel.

One of the best ways to reach the top of the bridge is to steal a banshee and fly it to reach the very top and acquire the weapon.

E E E 5
This Easter Egg is also found during the Metropolis mission. Progress through the mission until you’re asked to regroup with your Marines. Before doing that, you need to veer left and head inside the side-street from the main street.

You need to go through the street and find a Terminal-like structure in the farthest left corner. Keep on looking at the messages that it displays for about 10 seconds to unlock this Achievement.

Hi Ben!
This Easter Egg is found during Regret mission. To find it, I would recommend activating the Sputnik Skull. After coming out of the first area, you need to stick to the right side until you see a floating platform.

Use the grenade-jump to land on the platform. Once you’ve landed on the platform, head inside the dark room on the right side and see ‘Hi Ben’ written on the wall.

He’s Running a Marathon
This Easter Egg can be found during Gravemind mission on Legendary difficulty. You need to watch the cut scene featuring Arbiter, Gravemind, and Master Chief to unlock this Achievement.

Cowardly Grunt
This Easter Egg can be found during Uprising mission. Progress through the mission where you’ve cleared the first large room after the main cavern to find this Grunt cowering in one corner of the area.

You must clear the area of all Brutes before talking to the Grunt to unlock this Achievement.

Siege of Ivory Tower
This musical Easter Egg can be found during Ivory Tower, Multiplayer Map. Once you’re in the map, get to the ground level and stand near the metal door near the elevator.

You need to stay put until you start listening to the music running in background.

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