Halo Infinity Rumored To Be Announced At E3 2018 As The Next Installment In The Franchise

Over the past months, rumors about Halo 6 releasing and it being announced at E3 2018 has been cycling around. The latest addition to the rumors is that the new title will indeed be showcased at E3 but under a different name, Halo Infinity. Catchy right?

The rumor comes from Brad Sams, executive editor of Thurrot.com and Petri.com via Twitter. As he reveals, a new Halo game will indeed be at E3 2018 and it will possibly be called Halo Infinity. He later explained that he isn’t quoting a source but is merely reporting the “word on the street”.

The rumors about the new addition to the Halo franchise have been running for several months now, and after the confirmation by 343 Industries that they are working on Halo 6 (codename), even more, clues have been added to the mix.

Lately, the new boss of first-party development in Microsoft, Matt Booty, talked to MCV revealing that the Halo series need to take risks, along with other flagship franchises like Forza and Minecraft. This is another big indication that Halo Infinity or Halo 6 or whatever the new title could be told might be indeed showcased next week at E3 since this will be the first E3 conference for Booty as a boss in Microsoft.

As with any other Halo related rumor, you should take this one too with a grain of salt. Nothing is confirmed nor leaked yet regarding the game’s development other than speculations about its reveal.

We already know that only a small group of developers in 343 Industries has been working on the most anticipated Halo: The Master Chief Collection update on Xbox One X. This leaves a large number of experienced developers working on other Halo-related projects. We’re not pointing fingers here but, guys what are you working on? We might get to know next week at Microsoft’s E3 2018 event.

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