Halo Infinite Best Upgrades Guide

The Equipment system has been a part of the Halo franchise for many years now and has now made its way to Halo Infinite. In this guide, we’ll be going through all of Halo Infinite’s Best Upgrades.

Halo Infinite Master Chief Upgrades

The Equipment system is making its big return to the Halo franchise but this time with new features added to the mix and new upgrades in store for the players.

The equipment and upgrades help you complete the Halo Infinite campaign with ease. You will face many obstacles as you level up but with these upgrades and equipment, you’ll have an easy time going through them.

As you can see in the image, the Equipment tree is divided into 5 parts and each part has its own set of upgrades. Equipment and upgrades will definitely help you a lot when playing the Halo infinite campaign.

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades

There are a total of 5 Equipment slots in the Halo Infinite Campaign:

Grapple Shot

The first Equipment available for use is the Grapple Shot. This equipment comes in handy when you’re tired of traveling via vehicles.

There are certain areas where vehicles can’t be driven and such places have multiple hidden items to be found. So, for transportation and object retrieving purposes, use a Grappling Shot.


  • Voltaic: Stuns enemies for multiple seconds via Grappling.
  • Quickshot: Grapple Shot cooldown is reduced by 40%.
  • First Strike: When grappling and holding melee, a shockwave blast is created.
  • Reach Fall: Adds radius and damage to the Shockwave blast created and stuns any enemy caught in its range.

Shield Core

This piece of equipment is an advanced shield module used for increasing base shield strength by giving it 115% capacity.

Basically, using the Shield Core Equipment, you can invest Spartan Core points into the Core itself to increase its base power, giving you an opportunity to endure more damage.


  • Fortress: Increases an additional 15% shield capacity of base shield strength.
  • Bastille: Increases an additional 15% shield capacity of base shield strength.
  • Redoubt: Increases an additional 15% shield capacity of base shield strength.
  • Citadel: Increases an additional 15% shield capacity of base shield strength.

Threat Sensor

Probably one of the most useful and powerful pieces of Equipment in the Halo Infinite Campaign. The Threat Sensor; as its name indicates, shows where the opponent is.

Simply shoot the weapon and see as it scatters particles throughout the area even behind walls and reveals the position of each opponent in that area.


  • Seeker: Increases the Threat Sensor detection radius by 50%
  • Operative: Increases the charge of the Sensor
  • Clairvoyant: Reduces 40% threat sensor cooldown.
  • Omniscience: Reveals the opponent’s health.

Drop Wall

Drop Wall is a shield in Halo Infinite similar to bubble shields but stronger in comparison. But that doesn’t mean it’s unbreakable as the machine below it, if shot once, can destroy the entire wall in the first shot.


  • Swift Shelter: Reduces 20% drop wall cooldown.
  • Rampart: Increases 35% drop wall strength.
  • Blockade: Increases 70% drop wall strength and wall size.
  • Direct Current: Includes shock damage to a projectile fired through the drop wall.


When in a fight and especially during a crossfire, your main objectives are to move laterally and the Thruster adds mobility to that. It’s used heavily to break the opponent’s aim and dodge their attacks with quick movement.


  • Afterburner: Adds another charge to your thruster.
  • Thermal Control: Reduces 20% thruster cooldown.
  • Impulse: Increases strength of thruster.
  • Escape Velocity: Adds cloak effect to the thruster that lasts 4 seconds.

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades

Across the Zeta Halo Ring, you’ll find different locations for Halo Infinite Spartan Cores. Successfully finding their location leads to unlocking these Halo Infinite Upgrades for each of the five pieces of Equipment.

Picking the right upgrade can do wonders for your equipment whether the equipment is Thruster or any other piece, the correct upgrade makes it much more reliable.

The upgrades you’ll be picking first from each piece of equipment are:

  • Quickshot Upgrade
  • First Strike Upgrade
  • Fortress Upgrade
  • Bastille Upgrade
  • Seeker Upgrade
  • Swift Shelter Upgrade

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