Halo Infinite Release Date Is Taking Longer To Avoid A Development Crunch Near Release

All we’ve heard of Halo Infinite is mostly just the trailer we saw at E3. One that focused on nostalgia with the Master Chief’s helmet and quite possibly the original soundtrack by Martin’O’Donnel. There’s a reason that the game is taking so long to develop. According to Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries, Halo Infinite has a far gone release date to avoid development crunches later on when the game’s nearly out.

Here’s what she had to say specifically:

“That’s why we’ve taken a bit more time—usually, it’s three years between every Halo—to really do the investment in the engine and the tools and pipeline, and we’re still working on it. But we showed it at E3 last year, and it is basically trying to create an environment that we can build the game better, faster, and ideally, you know, prevent crunch.”

The main focus of the Halo Infinite crew at 343 Industries is in order to create a comfortable environment for the employees. Something that’s very important to have in any workplace. Need I remind you of the Rockstar work hour scandal.

Rushed games are never good for either the developers or the users. Games like Sonic 06 or Fallout 76 showcase this point the best with what unfinished messes they were.

343 Industries took over the Halo franchise after the release of Halo Reach. It was then that Bungie decided to work on the Destiny games instead. Now while Bungie has left Activision, they’ve still confirmed their ongoing plans for another Destiny title.

For the time being, we’ll be seeing more Halo from 343 Industries itself. That brings us back to the Halo Infinite release date, when will we see it?

It remains unconfirmed for now. In fact, it might not even be on this generation of console. For a Halo game, that means the Xbox One, since the series has been an Xbox exclusive since the beginning. Perhaps we could see Halo Infinite extend its hand to PC maybe? But if not, there’s the chance of it appearing on the next generation of Xbox itself.

Source: US Gamer

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