How to Defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite

While clearing out waves of regular grunts and banished is easy in Halo infinite, taking down Hunters is a lot tougher. Players need to have a proper strategy before they go on to fight Hunters. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite by providing some useful tips you can utilize against them.

How to Defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite

Hunters are enemies in Halo infinite that are clad in chunky red or blue armor. Hunters are exceptional at blocking the damage and will be an annoyance if you don’t know how to take them out properly

To defeat hunters in Halo Infinite, you need to find their weak spots while attacking with weapons.

There are some weak spots on the body where their orange body is being exposed. You need to make use of precision weapons like sniper rifles to attack these weak spots.

A good strategy is to propel yourself behind the hunters and attack either the exposed orange bits up close or target their back armor so that it eventually breaks. Either way, they will be more vulnerable to your attacks from the backside. Make use of weapons like Grapple Hook, Needler, and a Bulldog Shotgun to make this happen.

Vehicles and turrets can be used as well if you just feel like plowing through them (this will take a lot of time though)

How to Defeat the Hunter pair at the base of The Spire

There is a moment during the Spire mission, where you first encounter the Hunters. This can be very tough as you’ll be faced with very tanky foes.

However, by following the strategy above, you’ll route them in no time at all! What’s more is that at the back of arena where you’ll be fighting them, you will find a Skewer and Sentinel Beam on the Weapon Rack.

You can cause huge chunks of damage to the Hunters from behind with these. What’s more is that if you stay mobile and on the high ground, you’ll pretty much stay away from danger.

So, that was all on how you can defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite. we hope that this guide helps you to defeat Hunters in a fight!

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