What are FOBs in Halo Infinite and How to Use Them

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Use FoBs In Halo Infinite, and how they can help you earn Valor points

Capturing Forward Operating Bases is essential to progress on Zelta Halo in Halo Infinity. In this guide, we’ll explain what FoBs are, how to capture them, and How to Use FOBs In Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite FOBs

The forces that were once destined to protect humankind and bring peace across the Halo lands have fallen victims to the Banished themselves.

UNSC now requires your help to reclaim control over their fallen bases and defeat the Banished.

One of the very first steps you can take towards establishing peace and defeating the antagonists in Halo Infinity is recapturing the Forward Operating Bases, or more commonly known as FOBs.

What are FOBs

FoBs or Forward Operating Bases in Halo Infinite were once the outposts from where the UNSC conducted its operations. However, currently, they’re under the control of the Banished, and it’s your job to liberate these outposts.

They could be located on the map by red markers. Once you’ve taken control of the FoB, the marker would then turn blue.

However, this is only possible if you manage to defeat the Banished who’s in control of the FoB.

How to Capture FOBs in Halo Infinite

Regaining control of an FoB is easy, given that you know how to shoot. You’ll find several antagonists patrolling the region.

All of these foes will have to be taken down and then you’ll have to hack into the console in the middle of the base to mark it as your territory.

Lucky for you, you’ll encounter one of your very first fights for capturing an FoB quite near to where you spawn for the first time in Zeta Halo.

To improve your chances of raising your flag in the enemy territory in a single attempt, it’s suggested that you master the art of shooting long-ranged weapons.

Find an elevated ground near to the FoB you’re planning on capturing, and take out as many foes as you can with any long-ranged weapons.

At the same time, keep an eye out for any explosives. Shooting them will make your job considerably easier.

Once all of the antagonists have been cleared from a distance, you can then barge into their territory.

However, there still might be a few enemies hiding from you and waiting for the perfect time to attack you. Therefore, stay focused until the console has been hacked.

Benefits of Capturing FOBs

There’s a little more to capturing an FoB than its marker turning blue on your map. One of the biggest perks of taking control of a fallen FoB is earning Valor.

With every FoB that you capture, you’ll earn Valor. Valor is then used to unlock all kinds of new weapons and vehicles.

All of the weapons and vehicles that get unlocked with Valor points can then be accessed from your acquired FoBs.

The vehicles can be called in from the same console that you used to hack into the base and gain control. However, when it comes to weapons, they’re slightly more widespread. There’re several weapon crates spread out through the FoB.

The regular glowing weapon crates will contain goods at all times. However, if you need to search for a newly unlocked or unique weapon, you need to access the crate that has a holographic weapon on top of it.

Other than that, capturing FoBs bring in Marine enforcements to help you in your battles. Once an FoB has been captured, it would be surrounded by the friendly Marines.

You can convince them to sit in the car with you, but they’re not that good of forces. Better Marine soldiers can be unlocked using Valor points.

Marines unlocked using Valor points would follow you around more obediently, and would be a better help in the battles.

Lastly, all of your captured FoBs will serve as a fast travel location.

How to Earn Valor

Valor points bring about some of the best unlockables in Halo Infinity. Capturing FoBs will help you earn Valor. However, there’re a few other methods that can help you put a few extra Valor points in your pocket.

Valor can be earned by taking down high valued enemy targets and completing the main story quests.

You can also earn Valor by rescuing UNSC soldiers from the enemies anywhere on the map.

All Valor Unlocks

Here’s everything that you can unlock using the Valor points. 

Marine Soldiers

  • Assault (required Valor: 450)
  • Breacher (required Valor: 650)
  • Scout (required Valor: 1000)
  • Heavy Assault (required Valor: 1200)
  • Sniper (required Valor: 1600)
  • Demolition (required Valor: 1800)


  • Gungoose (required Valor: 1400)
  • Moongoose (required Valor: 300)
  • Razorback (required Valor: 500)
  • Warthog (required Valor: 800)
  • Scorpion (required Valor: 2000)
  • Wasp (required Valor: 2600)
  • Rocket Hog (required Valor: 3200)


  • MK50 Sidekick (required Valor: 350)
  • MA 40 AR (required Valor: 400)
  • M9 Frag Grenade (required Valor: 550)
  • CQS48 Bulldog (required Valor: 600)
  • VK78 Commando (required Valor: 900)
  • BR75 (required Valor: 1100)
  • S7 Sniper (required Valor: 1500)
  • M41 SPNKr (required Valor: 1700)
  • Hydra (required Valor: 2100)
  • Striker Sidekick (required Valor: 2200)
  • M140 Longshot (required Valor: 2300)
  • BR75 Breacher (required Valor: 2800)
  • S7 Flexfire Sniper (required Valor: 2900)
  • Pursuit Hydra (required Valor: 3000)
  • Convergence Bulldog (required Valor: 2400)
  • Impact Command (required Valor: 2700)

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