Halo Infinite Campaign Footage Will “Take A Huge Amount Of Effort To Do Well”

Halo Infinite is now a few months away from release but developer 343 Industries has still not shown any footage from its single-player campaign. There however is a reason why 343 Industries has been intentionally shying away from doing that.

In an official blog post from last week, creative head Joseph State explained that 343 Industries is currently fully focused on finishing up Halo Infinite in time for release which covers both the multiplayer and single-player campaign.

To release campaign footage right now would mean to break away from that focus because 343 Industries will have to ensure that the trailer or demo lives to fan-expectations. State also pointed out that the developer is currently fixing bugs and making improvements, and redirecting them to prepare a campaign reveal would not be productive in the bigger picture.

“We are at a critical phase in the flight that is Halo Infinite,” said State. “It’s extremely important to avoid distractions and stay focused on mission-critical tasks only.

“For Campaign, that means putting maximum effort into ensuring the wide-open, adventure-filled experience you’ll all get to play on December 8th is as great as it can possibly be. And gameplay demos and trailers not only take a huge amount of effort to do well, but they also take cycles away from bugs and other shutdown tasks.”

It warrants to note that Halo Infinite was delayed an entire year after its campaign showcasing was marred by criticism. 343 Industries required more development time to polish the game, which it received from Microsoft, in addition to taking the extra development time to consider design changes.

The recent multiplayer reveal was received with wide open arms and hence, should give players an assurance that the single-player campaign is being treated with the same respect and attention.

Halo Infinite will be gracing Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC on December 8, 2021; making for a joyful month of festivities.

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