Halo Anniversary Skulls Locations Guide

Check out our complete guide to all the Halo Anniversary edition skull locations for you to find these collectibles and alter gameplay

The Official Xbox Magazine has revealed news about the Skull modifiers in the upcoming reboot of the original Halo, Halo Anniversary. If the campaign of the legendary game seems too familiar and too known, you can have a go at it with one of those Skull modifiers. Here’s a complete list of all the Halo Anniversary Skulls Locations for you to enable these modifiers.

Halo Anniversary Skulls Locations

This Skull knocks out random elements of the HUD every time you respawn.
Location. You will find it during Assault on the Control Room. When you enter the underground room through the tunnels, look for the pipes in the center branching out of both sides of the gorge. Skull is sitting on your side of the gorge from where you enter, which is left of the broken bridge.

For those of you who didn’t know: the original Halo has auto-aim. This Skull removes it. Good luck, casual shooters.
Location. During The Library mission, search the back room behind the Index for this Skull. It is lying on the ground begging you to take it.

Kill a Covenant with this Skull enabled and he’ll drop a grenade for you.
Location. During Two Betrayals, look for this Skull on a ledge about the underground tunnel exit. You will need Banshee to get this Skull. You will get a Banshee at the end of this level.

Grunt Birthday Party
Invisible children cheer and throw handfuls of confetti for every Grunt you pop.
Location. You will find it during your escape in the car during The Maw mission. When you stop by the platform and see a Foehammer shot down, look for this Skull on a railing to your right as you enter. You can use your Warthog to back up against the railing, then use the Warthog to get enough elevation to reach the Skull.

With the Fog Skull enabled, you can say bye-bye to the motion tracker.
Location. You will find it during Assault on the Control Room on a raised platform on your right. To reach this Skull, find a room after crossing your bridge and taking the elevator down to the ground floor. You will need to grenade jump to reach the area – so it may require few tries.

This Skull halves the amount of ammo you’ll find in each gun the AI drops.
Location. Look for this Skull during Silent Cartographer. When you land, turn around and walk away from the checkpoint. Circle the island until you reach a ramp leading up to the top of the large area in the middle. Search the Skull at the top of this area.

If you wish you could have bigger bangs with the same sized grenades, then this is the Skull for you.
Location. During Halo, when you get the warthog, drive towards the large tunnel leading underground. Instead of going down into the tunnel, jump out and go towards the cliff on the right. Search the grass above the tunnel and you should find this Skull.

Remember the bandana in Metal Gear Solid? This bandana works the same way, giving you infinite ammo. Hurray for the rocket-launcher yielders!
Location. When you enter the security building during Silent Cartographer, take the path leading to a security console. Look left after going through the doorway left of the console and you should find this Skull.

Black Eye
Enable this Skull, melee an enemy, and watch in joy as your shield goes up.
Location. First floor of the The Library, look for a yellow vent in the ceiling closes toe the Index Chamber door, before entering the Index Chamber. You need to grenade jump to reach the vent to get this Skull.

Every shot fired eats up two the ammo from your gun’s magazine.
Location. You will find this Skull during 343 Guilty Spark, when open fire at you from a structure ahead after the alien turrets explosion sequence. To the left of wall, look for a turret with a small drop behind it. Jump down to retrieve the Skull.

This Skull makes it impossible to pick up Covenant firearms.
Location. During Truth and Reconciliation mission, when you are on an alien ship, in the area you fight hunters for the third time. Look for the skull through the door they enter.

This Skull gives all Sentinels shields and all Covenant double health. Good luck warrior.
Location. When you step out of destroyed pod during Halo, turn right and walk towards the waterfall and look for this skull behind a rock at the back of the waterfall.

Death with this Skull enabled sends you right back to the start of the level. Death during a co-op game resets you both to the last checkpoint.
Location. You will find during The Pillar of Autumn mission. When you are given control, turn right and enter the back of the room. Iron Skull is behind the two crates by the wall.

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