Halo 5 Preorderers Met with Too Early to Play Issue, Slow Downloads

Halo 5 fans are reporting a "too early to play" issue with the game as well as extremely slow downloads.

Interestingly, some Halo 5 Guardians fans who preordered the game are reporting that the files are being downloaded too slow. Moreover, others are complaining that despite downloading all the files, the game says that you are too early to play.

Someone posted on Reddit saying that “my Halo 5 preorder keeps saying I’m too early and won’t let me play. Anyone else having the same issue?” Suggesting that the game preorders were unlocking too slow. Another person reported a similar error saying “it’s 12:37 EST and my preorder of Halo 5 says I am too early to play.”

Considering how Halo 5 Guardians went live today at exactly 12.01am ET, it should technically be playable by now.

Reddit is not the only place where people have registered such complaints, there is a long list of other players who have complained over at Halowaypoint about a similar issue.

Parallel to this, Polygon is also reporting that among others they have also experienced very slow downloading speeds when trying to get their copy of Halo 5 Guardians.

The game was only 38 percent downloaded in the first 12 hours. Even at 8 AM ET on Tuesday they were only at 59 percent. This is certainly bad; we hope 343 Industries is working on a solution.

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