Halo 5 Aim “Sensitivity Curves” Will Be Adjusted If Fans Demand Change: 343i

Halo 5: Guardians has aiming issues that 343 needs to fix, However, the developers says fans need to get used to it but they will make changes as demanded.

Apart from the story, one of the main complaints about Halo 5 is aiming. The sensitivity curve is causing issues for long time players and those who played Halo 5 in beta.

343i made adjustments and tweaks after beta which aren’t sitting too well with fans of the game. The team of Pros working on the game’s multiplayer with Sandbox designer Chris King tested the settings for months before finalizing controls.

However, it looks like fans don’t agree with 343i and feel that movements and sensitivity curves need to be adjusted. Aiming along the horizontal and vertical axis is quicker than aiming diagonally, which makes it hard to hit the target.

On the other hand 343i thinks they have found the perfect blend of sensitivity curve across all three ranges. The company further said that fans should just give it time and get used to it.

One of the reasons changes were made after the beta is due to the fact that long-range engagement felt “squirrelly.” Meanwhile, close range was decent and mid-range was good enough.

There are threads full of people complaining about problems with aiming. So even though 343i believes it did the right thing and everything is working fine, they do say that “sensitivity curves” can be adjusted if fans want change.

343i also said that they will double check things to make sure everything is working and see if there are any bugs in controls which they don’t know of. If they find anything, we can expect it to be fixed with future updates.

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