Halo 4 Abandon Map Strategy Guide

Featuring support for a maximum of eight players (4v4), Abandon is one of the smallest maps in Halo 4’s library of multiplayer maps. Read this Halo 4 Abandon Map Strategy guide to ensure your dominance in this map.

Halo 4 Abandon Map Strategy

Abandon features no vehicles and is laid out asymmetrically for close-quarters combat. The map is set on an unknown alien planet where most of it is a natural landscape with an abandoned UNSC research facility in the middle of a dense alien jungle. In the lab, you can also glimpse at some of the creatures visible in tanks.

It is a claustrophobic and frantic map with danger lurking around every corner.

Game Type

  • Slayer
  • Odd Ball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Flood
  • Regicide

Map Layout
The abandoned UNSC research facility boasts multiple access routes to it’s three-levels building.

Alongside the other half of the map containing the natural landscape features a maze of different paths. Note of caution here, the alien side ends at a cliff and any player that falls off will be killed.

While it’s natural and important to hold onto the buildings as they provide cover, the many routes making way into the research facility makes the work harder for the inside team. You would more or less be surrounded.

Power Weapons
Scattershot: It is located on the bottom floor of the abandoned research facility.

Other Weapons

  • Needler x 2
  • Grenades
  • Random Drop Weapons

Tips and Strategy
As Abandon is a very small and close-quarter combat friendly map, it’s nearly serves no purpose in selecting a loadout which offers range, defense or the like.

Instead opt for a more offensive mid-ranged loadout. The standard assault rifle will do a great job here. Extra shielding or promethean vision will help you survive a bit longer and detect sneaky adversaries.

Its advised to avoid short ranged loadout as some of the natural part of map offers mid to long ranged shootout areas.

It is better to stick to the buildings as they offer much more cover, however with multiple routes into the research facility, it is difficult for the team inside to determine where they will be attacked from.

At the same time, the team outside has a better advantage of surrounding the enemy team from different routes.

To attacks quickly and effectively, jetpacks can be used to get to higher ledges efficiently. This opens up further opportunities for storming the facility.

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