Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 8 Captivity Walkthrough

This walkthrough contains all the details of Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 8 Captivity, running for your life after narrowly surviving an encounter at the Vodka Distillery at the end of chapter 7 and defeating Jeff.

If you start the mission with a bottle of vodka in your inventory from the previous chapter of Half-Life: Alyx, you will earn the Team Spirit achievement.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 8 Captivity

So the chapter will start with Alyx(You) infected with something and now you need to walk out, keep picking up resins from everywhere you can and you will find a charge that will be put in the box and when green light come you have to pull the lever to open the door in front of you.

But first you need to activate the pod o your right to get yourself some weapons. For that, go near the pod and pull the red button, you will then have to align the energy fields in such a way that no one line intercept any other and the pod will be activated.

This will upgrade your weapon and then you can head out. You will hear some shots, just go to your left and you will see a couple of creatures, shoot them with your gun and keep going.

Walk ahead until you reach the open area with roof destroyed and you will have some more enemies to kill.

Go to your right until you are in the alleyway to a building, go further ahead and open the shutter to get in. Kill the enemies inside and also don’t forget to collect the resins from those glass cages.

There will be hidden entrance inside a cage, go through that and explore the area to find more resins. You will face more enemies in the nursery and explore there as well to find more resin. Get to the other side of the nursery and kill the enemy there.

Get back to the path where you came from and you will face even more enemies on your way back. Explore the nursery on your way back and you will find another path that goes from inside the giant alien’s body, go to the other side and then up, then right and then left.

Then you will find two more resins on your left, get them and go to your right. There is a broken wall on the right side, get in and then go to your left.

You will face couple more enemies and then get through the broken wall on your right instead of going straight and then go inside to get even more resins. You will get into a room with an enemy, kill it and break the lock to get to the other side, this is another open area.

Go to your right this time, explore the area to collect all the resins and go to your right. Kill the enemy and keep going the way ahead.

Go to the right through the red door and you will see a door with a blur energy field, disable it using that red button and aligning that wire.

When you are aligning the wire, a shutter on the other side of the room will open with more resins and enemies. Get inside and go to the end then to your left and you will get to a kitchen area.

Get to the area on the right of kitchen and you will face enemies at the end, kill them and then go to the area where you killed those enemies then to your right and you will reach a control room. This will be the end of this chapter and you can proceed to chapter 9.