Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 6 Arms Race Walkthrough

This walkthrough will take you through the entirety of chapter 6 of Half-Life: Alyx as you journey across the dystopian world once again

At the start of chapter 6, Arms Race, the cables connecting one side of the floating platform will break, leaving it hanging from one side only. In this guide, we will go through Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 6 Arms Race.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 6 Arms Race

After seeing the cables break, make your way back inside the building. Then use the remote inside the control room to elevate the platform. Then make your way to the platform. Now, there will be a remote on the platform which you can use to lower it back and continue. Then head forward from where the light is emerging.

As you move forward, there will be an enemy fighting at you. Continue to the lower floor where the fight will continue. Kill the enemy to proceed. You will then be told that there is no direct path to the floating vault, so you will have to snake your way to the vault.

Now as you try to find a way to the vault moving through short spaces, you will face some enemies you will have to kill. Many enemies will be in sneaky hiding spots so make sure you do not get jumped by them while you find a way to the vault. Keep fighting your way until you reach outside the building.

When you reach the open area and the construction site, you will be greeted by the Combine soldiers. You will have to defeat them all. Use grenades to deal damage from a distance.

After you kill all the guards, you can loot them for ammo and health items. As you move near the dead enemies, you will again be attacked by some more Combine soldiers.

After killing the backup, move to the direction from where they came. You will now be near the remaining cables connecting the vault. Get inside the building using the door on your left side.

As you enter, you will have to kill some zombie enemies. Move ahead into a storeroom with the glass window. Break the window to move ahead. There will be a hole in a wall on your left. Move through it another area.

Here, there will be two lasers which you will have to disable to move forward. You can shoot them to cause an explosion and earn Blast from the Past achievement but make sure you are a safe distance away.

Now move to the room on the left and head towards the door at the other side. There are 2 more lasers here but you can bypass them by going through the left side and jumping over the box to reach the door.

From the door, jump down to the area beneath and open the closed shutter. There will be lasers throughout the room which you will have to disarm to move forward.

Get to the locked door from the left side of the room. Shoot the lock on the door to move ahead. Move forward to reach the open area outside the building. Here you will face off against more Combine soldiers.

After killing them, climb the stairs to the next building. At the door, you will be told to move to the vault quickly.

Then you will be attacked by Combine soldiers. Kill them and then find stairs to make your way upwards. As you move on the higher platform, you will be under fire from more enemies. Kill them from this position.

After killing all the enemies, come back down through to the door and use the upgrade bench to upgrade your weapons. Then interact with the circuit boards and unlock the path to the building. This will be the end of the 6th chapter.

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