Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 4 Superweapon Walkthrough

We have prepared a complete walkthrough of chapter 4 of Half-Life: Alyx to help you complete this mission and make your way to the vault

After saving Dad, the Combine is out looking for you while you try to make your way to the giant floating vault in the Sky. In this guide, we will go through the complete Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 4 Superweapon.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 4 Superweapon

As you make your way through the train station searching for a way out, you will have to make your way to the guard control room on the upper floor. Here you will find a keycard.

Then make your way to the locked door outside the room and use the keycard to gain access to the next room. In the next room, you will face to enemies. Kill them and then make your way to the elevator and use it to head on the next floor.

You will then enter a corridor and from there make your way to the room where you will spot the floating vault you were looking for. Now to get inside the floating structure, you plan to cut the cables through which it is floating. In the room to the right, find another keycard which is present in a drawer.

Now make your way back to the chapter 4 elevator. You will face some enemies outside the elevator. Clear them and then get back to the previous floor. Make your way to the control room and use the new keycard to access the locked door there.

At the entrance there will be a box containing grenades. Now move ahead and jump below from the gap. Go left and remove the barrier to continue ahead.  Use the grenades to kill the enemies below you.

Now move down to the room and find the upgrading bench which you can use to make a grenade launcher.

Now you will have to make your way out while fighting the Combine forces. Make your way through the station kill all the threats you face in the way. Reaching the open will be the end of this chapter

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