Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 11 Point Extraction Walkthrough

There are a total of 11 chapters in Half-Life: Alyx. This guide covers the complete walkthrough of Half-Life: Alyx chapter...

There are a total of 11 chapters in Half-Life: Alyx. This guide covers the complete walkthrough of Half-Life: Alyx chapter 11: Point Extraction.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 11 Point Extraction

So as chapter 11 starts, you will be in a kitchen with a huge hole in its roof. Open the white door in front of you and head into the corridor. Turn left from here and enter the first door that appears on the right.

There will be a staircase in front of you so climb it up until you reach the top. The door here will be already open. Go through the door and then choose another door on the right from here to go out of the storeroom.

There will be a strange huge machine in the middle of this whole open area and stones will be flying around it. Onto your right is a small window of another room that you can get to by jumping through the broken surfaces. So head into the room and go past the bedroom where you witness a show sitting on the chair.

Go straight and turn left from here through another door. This door opens up into space where you will not find any gravity. Head down by gripping the walls and then the ladder on the floor.

Make your way to the front from here by sticking to the walls and object, and head towards the door in the brighter room.

Go straight ahead and then and eventually you will step into a kitchen where all utensils are flowing in the space.

Go through the door of the kitchen into another corridor and the floor will eventually blow up. There will be a corpse floating above a hole. Remove the corpse from the position and then jump down the hole. It opens up into a bathroom.

Go out of the bathroom into the living room and then head out of the doors and into the corridor. Go straight and remove the traffic cone from a hole and jump in through it. You will be in the bathroom again.

Head out of the bathroom and then turn left. Go straight and break the doors of the living room which will then first suck everything from the rooms around you.

Head out through them then, and eventually you will pop into another location.

You will be on a steel bridge and the same huge strange machine will be in the middle of this area. Go towards your right and you will see an enemy in front of you. Use the powers from the machines on your left and right to deal with the enemy.

Suck the whole energy from the machines and then go ahead further. You will encounter another enemy ahead, to the left and one will be in the far right corner too. Use the same method of energy shocks to kill them.

Head to the right side then and keep going, dealing with the enemies coming up your way. There will be a steel gate onto the left with a red button beside it. Shoot the button to push open the gate.

Go through the gate but keep with a wall as their will be two to three enemies shooting at you in the center from a distant point. Use grenades sticking at poles to shoot at them and keep throwing until they are all dead.

As you will go ahead, you will find some more energy shots by the walls. Consume them to shoot at the enemies ahead. Go ahead through the light bridge into the other chamber in front of you.

As you go ahead, gates will open up for you, and then you will be stuck in a dark chamber for a while. This is a sign of completion of an objective.

When the loading screen will end, you will be in the same location and the gate will open up. Go straight ahead and grab the green shuttle from both its ends. It will then open up and a cut scene will appear briefing about the real ongoing story.

When it ends, you will be in a warehouse, being woken up by a person. He will hand you over a crowbar and then a loading screen appears. The game ends here, earning you another achievement.