Half Life 3 Being Confirmed on Twitter, Internet is Trolling Again

A fake Gabe Newell account on Twitter has falsely confirmed Half Life 3's existence, fooling many people including Cliff Blezinski, formerly of Epic Studios

The internet never seems to run out of fuel for the Half Life 3 train, and recently that was made clear yet again when a fake Gabe Newell Twitter account (now since deleted) confirmed a Half Life 3’s existence. The tweet, which its owner claimed was created specifically to confirm the game, fooled a number of people, including Cliff Blezinski (or atleast he pretended).

Half Life 3 has yet to be confirmed by anyone at all, despite the last game in the series, Half Life 2 Episode Two, coming out in 2007, almost ten years ago. For reference, that’s longer than the gap between Half Life 2 and the original Half Life.

After making the bogus announcement, the fake Gabe Newell account changed its name and began making a number of alternate accounts to try and spread the “message”.

Half Life 2: Episode Two ended on a very big cliffhanger, with Eli Vance killed by a Combine Observer and with Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance about to make a journey to the Arctic, where a ship owned by Aperature Science had been stuck decades ago by a teleporter accident.

This came hot on the heels of a major human victory over the Combine, when a rocket launch into the portal that the Combine had used to invade Earth had permanently closed it, leaving the remaining Combine forces on Earth stranded and cut off from the main Combine empire.

But, with Half Life 3 apparently nowhere near even being announced, we’ll still have to wait who-knows-how many years to see the conclusion of Gordon Freeman’s story. And even if that doesn’t come this year, we can dream, can’t we? It would definitely be amazing to see Half Life 3 get an announcement trailer or at least a confirmation that it’s getting worked on at the PC Gaming Show at E3.

But, until that happens, Half Life fans will just have to wait and see until Valve gets up to it.

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