Half Life 3 Releases in Q4 2017; Left 4 Dead 3 First Details Leaked?

If an alleged former Valve employee is to be believed, Half Life 3 releases in Q4 2017 and we have first leaked Left 4 Dead 3 details.

Before you jump the gun on this one let me clearly tell you that all this is based on rumors. So an alleged ex-Valve Corporation employee has apparently decided to share what he knows about Half Life 3 as well as Left 4 Dead 3.

Apparently, Valve Corporation has not forgotten about HL3 at all, they are just stalling and will be releasing the game in the last quarter of 2017 or the first quarter of 2018.

However, Half Life 3 is not in active development, he says, and is hardly mentioned at the Valve headquarters because they are supposedly going to release Left 4 Dead 3 first.

Talking of, the guy says L4D3 will be a sequel-prequel that will take place “one month after the infection and at the day of the infection.” He also named four new survivors:

  • Irvin – A black (not being racist) gangster guy which according to him, was the only one who was able to escape from his “hood,” he will be the new Francis/coach of the game.
  • Katherine – A stereotypical 24 year old white woman,who used to work as an stewardess on a now long-gone plane-station.
  • Keenan – Also a black guy, but he’s a comic book nerd, he’s pretty similar to Louis in a way.
  • Garret Jr. – A stereotypical buffed-up guy, who is a famous Kenpō-fighter in the L4D universe, his melee animations will be different compared to others, but balance-wise, it isn’t any better than other people’s melee’s.

There are, apparently, going to be six campaigns in Left 4 Dead 3 namely Crash-land, Impasse, Inquisitor Land, Early Destination, Cliff-Hanger and No Mercy.

Oh and lastly, the game is also going to get a backpack system that only lets each character carry a specific item only, and has a given capacity – the more you load in it the slower you get.

Of course we want to know all about Left 4 Dead 3 as well as Half Life 3, but all we have right are these alleged leaks that might or might not turn out to be true.

What do your investigative skills say?

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