Half Life 3 Added to Steam Database, Is It Finally Happening?

Half Life 3 has been added to Steam Database, is the game finally happening? More games were spotted as well including Final Fantasy VI, X-X2 HD and others.

We have been waiting for over a decade for Half Life 3 but Valve refused to say anything about it. Bits and pieces of information leaks every now and then that hints towards its existence, but nothing concrete has come up. However, it looks like Half Life 3 may finally be happening.

The game has been added to Steam Database, which is a site dedicated to providing us with every little change in Steam’s database.

It isn’t official, but it has a good reputation.

Apparently, Half Life 3 has been in the database for over a month. Like I mentioned, the website has a good reputation but when it comes to Half Life 3, we can’t trust anybody as it may lead to heartbreak, severe heartbreak!

There were plenty of other games spotted as well including Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster, Final Fantasy VI (which was recently rated for PC), Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Earth Defence Force 4.1 and more.

For now we’ll file this information under rumor, and it is best we don’t get our hopes up over this. Valve is unlikely to reveal Half Life 3 anytime soon. But, these other games are very much possible, so be excited.

What do you think? Any chance of Half Life 3?

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