Half Life 1 Evil Baby Boss is Inspired by Gabe Newell’s Own Son

Half Life 1 had a baby monster in the end and only now we are getting to know that the baby was inspired by Gabe's own child. His wife was pregnant at the time and having the baby was scary for Gabe.

Released back in 1998, Half-Life 1 layed the foundation of one of the most loved PC franchises of all time. To this day, Half-Life fans wish to see the series return in all its glory. But while Half-Life 3 isn’t going to happen anytime soon, new facts about the original Half-Life are coming up.

The final encounter with the giant evil baby is one of the most iconic battles in video games history. What makes the battle even more interesting after so many years is that the evil baby is supposed to be Gabe Newell’s own son. Gabe was looking for something scary and apparently having a child at the time was scary for him, thus, came giant Evil Baby monster.

Gray Newell, Gabe’s son revealed the story in a recent interview.

The final boss of Half-Life 1 is actually, the giant Evil Baby monster, supposed to be me. When my mother was in childbirth they (devs) were thinking what’s really scary and at the time having a child seemed really scary to everyone.

Gray is working on his own game right now which is internally named “Fury.” The title is in pre-production right now but all the members of the development team have a strong passion for the project. To Gray, Fury is an accumulation of all his experiences in life.

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be any hopes for Half-Life 3 but keep bugging Valve about it and it might happen in the next 100 years or so.

Where do you think the inspiration for other Half-Life monsters came from? Share your views in the comments below.

Source: VNN

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