Hades Cross-Save Delayed, Will Be Coming In A Future Update

Supergiant Games has announced that Hades cross-save will be delayed, but will come in a future update after the port release.

The developers at Supergiant Games made the announcement today on Twitter that Hades cross-save capability would not be available in time for the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch, despite their promises. As such, it will be added to the game in a later update that is coming this year.

Supergiant made this decision in order to avoid having to delay the game until the feature could be ready, so hopefully the update that will allow cross-saving won’t take too long. The game has already been released on PC after several years in Early Access, so it’s possible Supergiant didn’t want any further delays.

Hades is a roguelike action-RPG that takes place in Greek mythology. Zagreus, the Prince of the Underworld, has decided to leave home for good, and must fight his way through the underworld in order to reach Mount Olympus. However, to do so, he must fight a wide variety of monsters, dead champions, and even, eventually, his own father.

Being a roguelike the game is punishingly difficult, and the story will unfold as you undertake more runs, unlock more weapons and powers, and explore more of the underworld through various branching paths. Of course, the lack of Hades cross-save means you’ll likely lose a lot of those powers and weapons, along with the rest of your progress.

There’s always the option, of course, to just wait to buy the game on the Switch until the cross-save update actually comes out. Since it’s supposed to be coming out later this year, it may end upcoming sooner than we think. Of course, you could also just welcome the extra challenge of earning back all of your progress.

There’s no actual date from Supergiant on when the Hades cross-save will be added to the game, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. You can play the game on Nintendo Switch when Hades exits Early Access (where it’s been for the past two years with multiple updates) on the PC later this year.

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