Hades Best Mods Guide

Our Hades Best Mods guide will get you up to speed with some of the best mods for this mythological roguelike so that you can tailor your Hades gameplay experience to suit you. So, let’s begin!

Hades Best Mods

First things first, you should have Mod Utility installed. Though this mod does nothing by itself, it makes modding Hades a bit easier.

It does so by conveniently editing data tables, wrapping functions, debugging, and creating interfaces.

Some mods also depend on it to work, so it’s better if you install it as soon as possible.

This mode is made by MagicGonadsNEW.

Loot Choice Extender

Given that you have ModUtil 1.6.5 installed, this mod extends your loot choices to more than 3.


To make the best use of the mod, however, you’ll need to configure it a bit using editors like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code.

Using any one of these editors, you can adjust the settings of MinExtraLootChoice and MaxExtraLootChoices according to your own will.

This mod is also pretty helpful if you are looking to create your own mods as it can be used by other mods as well.

This mod is made by MagicGonadsNEW.

Zagreus the Angler

This mod tweaks the part of Fishing in the game a bit. It does so by removing fake bobs and giving you more time to catch fish.

Also, this mod causes the pools to spawn more often (at least 50% spawn rate), and more importantly, they can spawn consecutively.

This mod is made by AkemiNakamura.

Ello’s Starting Boon Selector

This mod makes it possible for you to set the RNG seed needed to select the first Boon of your run.

For doing this, you need to head to the Boon Menu before you go on a run. There, you’ll see a new button at the bottom which will allow you to pick the RNG seed of your choosing.

With this mod, you can also alter the God that will appear in your first run. For instance, you could choose such that Hammer of Daedalus would appear.

This mod is made by ellomenop.

Codex Menu

With this mod, you can utilize the benefits of the codex and spawn boons, consumables, bosses, enemies, in short, anything you’d like!

For this mod to work, you just have to click on any item in the codex and hold C for it to spawn.

This mod is super helpful if you want to get over with any portion of the game quickly or if at any point in a run, you need an item that you forgot to pick up.

This mod is made by LRevolution.

Zagreus’ Weapons 100x Stronger

This mod turns tables on your enemies and makes Zagreus’ Weapons 100x Stronger, giving you a massive advantage in your playthrough.

This mod is made by Doctor Doom.

Mirror of Night Free (VO.26833)

This mod gives you a whopping 5000 gold, 5000 HP, and 99 casts. It also allows you to upgrade any item for free and deal hefty damage.

This mode is made by Rubayne.


This mod ensures that a God appears in almost every room, and it turns all the God keepsakes intro super versions that always something of use for you!

This mod is made by Turbo Cop 0991.

Other Mods to Consider

  • Generous Wretched Broker – By Zagthan
  • Zagreus’ Weapons 10x Stronger – By Doctor Doom
  • Weapon Upgrade Cost Reducer – By LRevolution
  • Mod Importer – By MagicGonadsNew
  • Boons Damage Increase (VO.25131) – By Rubayne
  • Bountiful Fishing (v0.27183) – By Pollytariat
  • Contractor Free For All – By zagthan
  • Magic’s Edit – By MagicGonadsNEW
  • 5000 Health – By zagthan
  • 99 Double Casts – By zagthan
  • Better Bow – By LRevolution

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