Hackers Have Already Dumped NAND, Will Xbox One Get Hacked?

Xbox One Kinect
Piracy has also been a growing threat to the video game industry. In the previous-generation of consoles, the PlayStation 3 was stronger in that regard and took some years before it was finally dissected.

The Xbox 360 though was relatively easier and less immune to the threat. It didn’t take long for consumers to be able to “JTAG” or mod Microsoft’s console and start downloading games off the web for free.

With the advent of next-generation or current-generation now, one would expect both companies to have had taken a strong step to ensure their immunity to the matter. However, within just a week of the release of the Xbox One, the hacking circles have managed to dump the console’s NAND data.

According to the post made over at Konsolen – Junkies, the size of the NAND present on Xbox One is 4.9 GB. It also mentions that similar to the Xbox 360, NAND on the Xbox One can be dumped with Corona V2 using SD Card reader. However, to do so, the crystal or ‘quartz’ needs to be disabled. The post also mentions that J-Runner ‘may not’ be used for dumping as it limits the size to 3.5GB on Corona.

Hackers and modders continue to prod Microsoft’s new console and it has to be asked how soon will it be before someone successfully manages to run home-brew on the system.

Earlier this month, a popular hacker who goes by the name of “C4eva” managed to dump the entire data of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One on the web. We know all too well as to what it leads to.

The Xbox One launched on November 22 in 13 territories and has successfully managed to cross the $1 million sales.

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