Hacked Items in Dark Souls 2 PC Version Can Still Get Your Account Banned

PC users playing Dark Souls 2 might want to be careful, as the game is becoming plagued by hacked items that can get you banned.

PC users playing Dark Souls 2 might want to be even more careful than they normally are, as the game is becoming plagued by online hackers who could actually get your accounts banned.

According to various innocent victims online, there seems to be a repeating trend of hackers dropping invaluable items whenever they are killed after an invasion or defense from an invasion. However, equipping these items after picking them up can corrupt your save and get you banned.

The hacking issue was a problem that started off when the game was released for PC last year, but despite the release of Scholar of the First Sin, the game is still plagued by such hackers who are getting precious accounts banned.

This has forced caution into Dark Souls 2 players who are aware of the situation, making it difficult to exchange items during online play.

Hacked items have the potential to either get you a softban or corrupt the save file completely and crash the game.

Sadly, Namco’s contribution in controlling this issue has only been limited to suggestions of not taking candy from strangers and to delete your character if you encounter a softban.

“Our recommendation would be to avoid picking up any items that other players drop for you unless you know/trust the person dropping them (or to remove any such items from your inventory, or simply deleting the character if you are unable to remove/discard them by normal means). Please note that as long as the weapon/item is not picked up and added to your inventory it will not be flagged by the Dark Souls 2 server team as a violation of the EULA (since you have not accepted the item into your character’s inventory) and the item should disappear over time (or by reaching another playthrough). PS: Don’t take candy from strangers…”

Unfortunately, this comment was made last year, and ever since that Namco hasn’t turned a blind eye towards the issue. The best we can do is spread awareness and advise caution.

Via Kotaku

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