H1Z1 PS4 Facing Server Issues Due To The Huge Amount Of Concurrent Players Online

H1Z1 PS4 beta is finally live and playable worldwide but you might be facing servers issues at times which DayBreak is investigating to resolve.

Finally, after a long wait, H1Z1 PS4 Beta is live across all regions worldwide allowing players to play one of the best games known for its PC version on the console but with some server issues which you might be facing right now.

H1Z1 PS4 launched today and after just an hour the game started facing server issues which made players wait for so long just to get a server error message.

These issues were noticed by Daybreak Games and H1Z1 on Twitter who sent out a Tweet providing updates on the status of the game. These Tweets came after few hours when the servers went live and the game is still experiencing server issues as we speak.

Well according to the latest Tweet despite the servers issues H1Z1 PS4 had 200,000+ concurrent players online which is a huge success for the developers as they thanked the PS4 community.

As for the game, I myself tried to play the game exactly when the servers became available and after playing two matches I got disconnected and was not able to reconnect to the servers.

The team is investigating and working on resolving the issues. More updates will be provided by DayBreak Games as they fix the issues regarding the game on PS4.

As for the game it is specially designed for PS4 by adding more weapons and a completely new UI for PS4.

Terrace Yee commented on the H1Z1 for the console by saying:

“H1Z1 on PS4 is true battle royale mayhem. We have reimagined the game for PlayStation 4 and have designed it to accentuate the essentials of battle royale that make the genre so exciting to watch and play. We have added key gameplay differentiators to keep the game frantic and fun — an action shooter’s dream of fast-paced battle royale.”

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