Latest H1Z1 Trailer Shows Hordes of Zombies, Are You Interested?

Since its announcement, H1Z1 is getting a lot of attention from the sandbox players and to keep the fans excited for the game, Sony Online Entertainment has been holding hours long of gameplay streams.

However, this time the developer wants to do something different and that’s why they have released a short gameplay trailer for the game, which shows some really creepy footage from the H1Z1 including some hordes of zombies.

The game wants you to be afraid all the time, not only from the other players but also from the zombies, which will not just show up when you are scavenging for supplies, your home base in the game can be also attacked by them, anytime.

H1Z1 will be a survival game during zombie apocalypse as you try and keep yourself alive with limited resources. Also, you will need weapons and crafting skills in order to defend yourself from the zombies and other players.

Information on H1Z1 keeps on coming but there is no mention of the exact release date of the game, but Sony has promised to start an early access program really soon.

Are you excited about H1Z1? Do you think it has the potential to survive against the likes of RUST and DayZ Standalone?


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