Guerrilla Games Is Working On A New Game, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, New Killzone?

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best games ever made which launched a year ago. Guerrilla Games are the developers behind the masterpiece and it looks like they are working on another open-world action game which can be a brand new IP or the next part of Horizon Zero Dawn as it was a huge success. The game could very well be a new Killzone title.

This all came into our thinking after the company posted many job listings on their official website and after taking a look at the listed jobs, we can guess that their next project will be another open-world action adventure game.

They are looking for a senior quest designer which will help them create ground-breaking, innovative gameplay experiences that immerse the player in the story.

An environment artist who will be responsible for composing different in-game locations using modular assets and work with other departments to meet the story, quest, and design requirements for each location.

Combat designer who will be pushing character action combat mechanics for the genre to a new level and many more.

These job listings and their descriptions tell us that Guerrilla Games are ready to make another masterpiece after the success of their addictive Horizon Zero Dawn.

There are many rumors around the internet that Alloy will make a return in the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn, which we can say nothing about yet.

Though Guerrilla Games took 5 years to develop and release Horizon Zero Dawn, so if their next project will take the same time, we can expect the game to be released on PS5. Other than that this can not be the only project they are working on so we can expect to see more games by the company in the future.

In Other news, Horizon Zero Dawn early reviews were apparently not good. Regardless of the early reviews thankfully the game was able to release and become one of 2017’s best games, selling over 7.6 million copies and getting critical acclaim along with it.


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