Telltale Games’ Guardians Of The Galaxy Rated Teen By ESRB

The Entertainment Software Rating Board(ESRB) has rated the upcoming Telltale Games’ Guardians Of The Galaxy “Teen” for language, alcohol and more.

According to the description from ESRB, Guardians Of The Galaxy is an action game with acts of violence and more.

This is an action game, based on the Guardians of the Galaxy universe, in which players assume the role of Peter Quill on a quest to retrieve a mysterious relic. Players can engage in various action sequences that require timed button presses to successfully punch, slash, or shoot enemies. Cutscenes depict additional acts of violence: a character shot in the chest with a laser blast; a villain breaking a character’s neck; a character stabbed in the chest with a spear.

During the course of the game, characters are depicted passed out and hung over after drinking alcohol at a bar. The word “sh*t” is heard in the dialogue.

Recently, developer Telltale Games revealed some plot details for the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy. According to the devs, after a battle Guardians find a mysterious artifact and turn out that a powerful enemy also wants the artifact for herself.

Furthermore, the devs confirmed that the game will have a ton of easter eggs from the movie, animated series, and the comics.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is a point and click adventure in development at Telltale Games and will launch sometime this year for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. Also, Nolan North will be voicing the Rocket Racoon in the game.

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