GTA 5 Launch Sales are Higher Than Its Predecessors Combined

Don’t say we didn’t expect this because we all did; Rockstar North’s multimillion dollar project Grand Theft Auto 5 has bagged more in its launch week than all the previous Grand Theft Auto games combined!

Eurogamer has delved deeper into the sales statistics of the game and its performance on the UK Chart to confirm that we now have a new all times record holder with 1.57 million units sold in the UK alone! Previously it was Call of Duty: Black Ops with 1.41 million units and £58 million in sales as compared to GTA5’s £65 million.

This is a great margin ahead of all the other games that compete with it on the UK Charts; number 2 on the list is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 followed by The Last of Us, Saints Row 4 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist at number 5. According to Chart-Track “Sales from the remaining nine titles in the Top 10 only represented 4 per cent, making it hard to imagine a week where one title has been so dominant or perhaps ever will.”

In the first five days of its release, GTA 5 is the 10th biggest selling game ever for PlayStation 3, 11th biggest selling game for Xbox 360 and is already at number 24 in the list of biggest selling games ever in the UK.

Comparing it with its predecessors, Grand Theft Auto 5 has outsold all the GTA games’ first week sales combined. It has also sold 2.4 times more than Grand Theft Auto 4 that had roughly sold 650,000 units during its first week.

It is quite amazing to see that these figures are only for the United Kingdom and that worldwide Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold for over $1 billion already! It’s certainly hard to expect a game outdo this sometime soon, don’t you think?

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