GTA Vice City Safehouses Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you all GTA Vice City Safehouses, when and where to get them and what benefits each of them offers

On your journey to finishing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, you’ll need safehouses to get a 100% completion of the game. In this guide, we’ll be showing you where to find all the safehouses in GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City Safehouses

Safehouses in GTA Vice City, as the name implies, provide a safe space with a variety of features. Some safehouses can provide weapons, while others have outfit icons. A few safehouses will have free weapons you can pick up.

However, in order to save your game in GTA VC, a player must pick a pink cassette tape. There are a total of nine safehouses located throughout Vice City. As you progress through the story, new safehouses will become available.

Each safehouse in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition has its own unique set of features and conditions for unlocking. A safehouse can be purchased by picking the floating greenhouse icon in front of a building.

A list of all safehouses in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is included below, along with information on how to unlock them.

Safehouse # 1 – Ocean View Hotel

It is located on Ocean Beach in GTAVC. The Ocean View Hotel is the first safehouse you’ll come across at the start of the game, and the player is automatically given a suite there for free.

The drawback of this safehouse is that it lacks garage capacity of its own, which means that vehicles cannot be parked outside the Ocean View Hotel. You’ll need to purchase separate property for garages if you want to park.

Various weapons can be obtained by collecting Hidden Packages along the corridor and within the hotel suite. These include:

  • Body Armor x10 Packages
  • Chainsaw x20 Packages
  • Colt Python x30 Packages
  • Flamethrower x40 Packages
  • PSG-1 laser scope sniper rifle x50 Packages
  • Minigun x60 Packages
  • Rocket launcher x70 Packages

Safehouse # 2 – Vercetti Estate

Vercetti Estate is the GTA Vice City’s second safehouse, located on Starfish Island. It is completely free, but in order to access it, you must first complete the Rub Out Mission. In contrast to the Ocean View Hotel, it has a garage that can accommodate two vehicles.

Ricardo’s office/Tommy’s room is located on the second floor of Vercetti Estate. When the game is completed, a Frankie shirt will be available in the room.

A modest subterranean room is the armory of the Mansion which houses Health, Body Armor, a Pump Action Shotgun, and an M4.

The mansion’s roof has a Maverick perched above a helipad. There are additional explosive barrels strewn throughout the lowest level of the roof.

Safehouse # 3 – 3321 Vice Point

3321 Vice Point is a safehouse located at the Vice Point. It is available after the beginning of the game. However, you’ll have to buy it for $2500.  The 3321 Vice Point doesn’t have any garage capacity.

On the east side of the safehouse, a random road vehicle will spawn. This house can be purchased in GTA VC to facilitate shop thefts.

Safehouse # 4 – Links View Apartment

Links View Apartment is another safehouse in the Vice Point neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You can purchase it for $6,000 after the beginning of the storyline. This safehouse has a single-vehicle garage.

Safehouse # 5 – El Swanko Casa

El Swanko Casa is the fifth safehouse in GTA Vice City, and the third at Vice Point. After the beginning of the storyline, this safehouse becomes available for purchase. It costs $8,000 and has a garage that can only fit one vehicle.

On the lower roof on the west side of the house, there is a Ruger weapon. The safehouse also has a swinging pool.

Safehouse # 6 – 1102 Washington Street

1102 Washington Street is a safehouse found at Washington Beach. After the beginning of the storyline in GTA Vice City, you’ll have to spend $3,000 to gain access to this safehouse.

Because there is no garage at this safehouse, you will need to find alternatives for parking. The safehouse has a secret package at the back.

Safehouse # 7 – Oceans Heights Apartment

Oceans Heights Apartment is a safehouse on Ocean Beach. After the beginning of the story, this safehouse becomes available for purchase. This safehouse costs $7,000 and has a garage large enough to house a vehicle.

Because this safehouse is close to the Marina, buying it is worthwhile when completing Cortez’s missions.

Safehouse # 8 – Skumole Shack

Skumole Shack is located Downtown and can be acquired after completing Phmon Penh 86 at the start of the storyline of GTAVC.

It will cost $1,000 and it doesn’t have any garage capacity of its own. This safehouse is a burned-out hut that has demolished interior. It lacks furnishing and other facilities.

Safehouse # 9 – Hyman Condo

Hyman Condo is also located Downtown and can be purchased after completing Phmon Penh ‘86 at the beginning of the storyline. This safehouse will cost you $14,000 and it comes with a huge garage capacity of eight vehicles.

The building’s rooftop, a helipad may spawn a Maverick. Hidden package guns and item rewards, as well as a change of clothes to Tommy’s Street costume, will spawn on the roof. A secret package pickup is located in a dead-end alleyway to the south.

Aside from that, the following items are available in this safehouse.

  • Chainsaw x20 Hidden Packages.
  • Python x30 Hidden Packages.
  • Flamethrower x40 Hidden Packages
  • PSG-1 x50 Hidden Packages
  • Minigun x60 Hidden Packages
  • Rocket Launcher x70 Hidden Packages
  • 3 garages can store up to 3 vehicles per garage.
  • A Police Bribe
  • Body Armor on roof after collecting 10 Hidden Packages.
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