GTA V Stock Market Exploits Guide – How To Farm Money, LCN, BAWSAQ Stock Trading Tips

GTA V Stock Market Exploits, Money Farming Tips and Stock Trading tips to make most of your stock investments in LCN and BAWSAQ.

Earning moiney is important in GTA V as it is required to purchase or invest in real-estate as you will get returns and will be able to buy stuff in the game. However, making money in GTA V is not that easy and this GTA V Stock Market Exploits Guide will help you with making money fast.

GTA V added a new feature to the franchise, stock market exchange. While the feature didn’t fully work as intended, there was still an exploit which players on the previous generation of consoles utilized to become crazy rich because let’s face it, players need all the cash they can get if they want 100% completion of the game and own all properties.

Well, GTA V Stock Market Exploits are back for the next-gen version of the game for PS4 and Xbox One, although a bit nerfed. Rockstar apparently took notice of the GTA V Stock Market exploits and reduced the payout from around 80% to 60-65%.

Read our detailed GTA V Stock Market Guide.

GTA V Stock Market Exploits

How to earn some quick cash in GTA V now? Well since the exploit still works, this guide will help players in earning that money.

The exploit works through Lester’s assassination mission so naturally, players should have reached that point in the story.

By this time they must have some money on all their characters so before starting the first mission, the hotel assassination one, and players need to use the BAWSAQ exchange and invest in BET (BettaPharmaceuticals) with all their characters.

Once the mission is complete, they should be able to acquire a profit by selling back their shares.

Now comes the important part, while investing with small sums of money is alright, it doesn’t grant that huge a profit so players need to stop doing the assassination missions after the first one and complete their main story.

Once the story is done, they should have a lot of cash to invest from all their heists. With this investment, they can start doing the rest of the assassination missions.

Before accepting the 2nd mission, players need to all their money from all characters into DEB (Debonaire) at the LCN.

The stock prices start to rise after the assassination is complete and takes around 8 in-game hours to reach its peak. This is the time when players should sell it, if they wait any longer hoping for a bigger payday, the profit will be significantly less as prices start to drop soon.

The 3rd mission nets the biggest profit, almost 200% of the original investment. Players need to invest in RWC (Redwood) at the LCN before starting the mission.

Once the mission is complete, they need to go to any safehouse and advance the time by 48 hours, past the last trading day which begins at 8 am. They need to be careful not to do this at a weekend since stock market prices don’t change on weekends.

Each time player enters the save screen and backs out immediately, the time advances by hours. As soon as the second trading day begins, Redwood’s stock prices will hit the roof and return players a profit of almost 200%.

For the 4th mission, players need to invest in Fruit (FRT) at BAWSAQ though the payout isn’t very large. The 5th mission, the bus assassination, nets a hefty profit if players invest in Vapid at the BAWSAQ.

They need to advance the game time by 2 days and then instantly sell as the stock prices will not rise any further. For the final construction assassination mission, players need to invest in Goldcoast at LCN for a decent profit.

Besides these assassination missions, there is another random event but the payout from that is pretty low but might be useful when players have millions of dollar to invest, especially after earning all the cash from the assassination exploits.

While driving on the highway through Banham Canyon, players will encounter a random event that can only be completed once at the Ineseno Road.

Map #1

The event, titled Great Ocean Highway Hitchhiker will have players pick up a stranger and drop him off to the airport. Before reaching the highway, players need to invest in Tinkle (TNK) with all their characters.

When players drop the hitchhiker, he advises them to invest in TNK after which the stock market prices immediately begin to rise. When the percentage profit has increased to its peak, players should immediately sell as it will start dropping soon.

That is all for our GTA 5 Stock Market Exploits Guide on how to make money fast and how to invest to make more money on GTA V.

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