GTA V Stock Car Races Guide – How to Cheval Marshall Truck

Yet another exclusive feature on PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA V for returning players is the Stock Car Races and the Cheval Marshall Monster truck vehicle. The cars look like they just came out of a NASCAR rally with the vinyl and paint job on them along with their amazing speed and handling.

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GTA V Stock Car Races

The races can be seen on the map, near the airstrip in Grand Senora Desert, once players complete the Mr. Philips mission with Trevor. To unlock the Stock Cars and the Monster Truck, players need to win the Stock Car Race in Sandy Shore 5 times.

Players need to find a good muscle or sports car to enter the first race. The Imponte Duko O’Death should do the job nicely.

Winning each race will unlock one Stock car and the final race will reward players with the Cheval Marshall Monster truck. The cars are unlocked in the following order after winning each race:

Race #1: Burger Shot Stallion


Race #2: Redwood Gauntlet

Race #3: Pibwasser Dominator

Race #4: Sprunk Buffalo

Race #5: Cheval Marshall Monster Truck

Duke O’Death superior handling and speed should help players knock other racers out for a while thus giving them an edge and help in the winning the race.

After unlocking the cars, they are available for all characters in their respective garages while the Cheval Marshall truck spawns at Trevor’s airstrip in Grand Senora Desert and can be acquired from there along with the option of choosing a flag to display on it out of 25 possible options.

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