GTA V PS4 Pre-order from PS Store Will Get you Extra $300K


Sony has revealed that the upcoming PS4 title, GTA V has been put up on PlayStation Store and fans who are interested can pre-order it from there.

Pre-Ordering the game will allow you to start downloading the game early, so that you can play it right away on the release date.

Previously, Rockstar revealed that GTA V pre-order will include $1000K cash ($500K for Campaign, $500K for Online) and now those who will be playing the game on PlayStation will be getting $300K additional money for GTA Online.

Those of you who have played the game on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, will be able to transfer all of their progress and characters to the PlayStation 4 version.

If you are looking forward to play GTA V on PS4, then pre-order it right now from the PlayStation Store and get yourself extra bucks for the game, which will come in handy.

Some rumors related to the PS4 version also came out today, which suggested that the game will need approximately 50GB of hard disk space on the console.

GTA V for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is set to launch on 18th of November, while PC owners will get the game on 27th of January.

Are you going to pre-order the popular title from PlayStation Store?

Source: PlayStation Store

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