GTA V ‘Pinnacle of V’ PC Graphics Mod Shut Down Amidst Controversy

The impressive looking ‘Pinnacle of V’ mod for the PC version of GTA V has been taken down amidst a wave of controversy. The mod was an attempt to completely overhaul the graphics of GTA V, and the some of the visuals were absolutely mind blowing.

However, the mod has been receiving a lot of criticism, because apparently it stole a lot of assets from other mods and sources without crediting them. These allegations of property theft have led the mod’s creator, Josh Romito, to shut down the mod.

Josh claims on the Pinnacle of V mod’s official website that the project was a collaborative effort, and that a lot of the assets that made it were contributed to it by other people. He did not realize that certain contributions were stolen assets.

“Over the past week or so, I have been informed that parts of this project have been directly stolen from other developers, and handed to me as additions to my work. I have been made a fool of due to the motions of my peers, and I am taking action to try and preserve any honesty and integrity with the community I can. I apologize to everyone who was stolen from, and I wish there was a way this could be reversed.”

As a result of these allegations, Josh has decided to shut down the mod completely following this apology.

It’s quite a shame, as the mod indeed looked very promising, and was a testament of how amazing they can make an already impressive game look.

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