GTA San Andreas Millie Perkins Girlfriend Progress Guide

In this guide, we will be telling you all about how dating works in GTA SA as well as how...

In this guide, we will be telling you all about how dating works in GTA SA as well as how to increase your girlfriend progress with Millie Perkins in GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas Millie Perkins Girlfriend Progress

Millie Perkins is one of the six potential love interests for CJ in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. You meet Millie during the “Key to her Heart” and CJ has to date her afterward until their relationship reaches 35%.

While players can date multiple girls, Millie Perkins is the only one who counts towards 100% completion of the game.

Before we talk about how you can progress CJ’s relationship with her, you first need to know how the whole dating system works in San Andreas. Knowing these details can help you progress relationships much faster.

Dating in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas lets CJ meet different women around the map and date them. There are a total of 6 love interests for CJ to date in San Andreas Definitive Edition.

The game displays blue markers on top of potential love interests and then CJ can simply walk up to them to see if they are interested.

Picking Up Girls

Just like in real life, the girls in San Andreas have requirements that CJ must meet before they will agree to go out with him. Some girls like well-dressed men while others prefer men with luxurious cars.

If CJ gets rejected, the give will give him tips on how he can improve his appeal and then try again later. The higher CJ’s sex appeal, the easier it will be for him to pick girls in San Andreas.

Different Date Types

Once you’ve picked up the girl, CJ can drive her around in his vehicle or helicopter, and depending on her interests, she may or may not be flattered. Once the girl agrees to go out with CJ, you can go over to her house and pick her up.

Do note that they will only be available during a certain time of the day. The menu icon will have a red marker next to it if the girl is at home which makes it easy for you to figure out whether it is a good time for a date or not.

Once you pick your girl up, she will decide how she wants to spend time with you from a pool of different activities which include:

  • Eating Dates: Where you go to eat at a close-by restaurant, fast food joint, or bar.
  • Dancing Dates: These dates require CJ to accompany his partner to a club where they dance in a minigame.
  • Driving Dates: Girls who like cars will ask you to drive them around a specific area, at a specific speed.

All of these dates can end up failing if you ignore the girl’s taste and demands.

Eating at the wrong joint, failing to dance properly, or driving at the wrong speed or in the wrong area can be a major turnoff for them and cause the date to fail.

How to Progress Relationships in GTA SA

CJ can quickly progress his relationships by completing dates and having a higher sex appeal.  If you treat your girl well and take care of all her demands then the relationship meter will climb up quickly.

Hurting your girl, shooting her, or driving recklessly can instantly fail your date and decrease your relationship progress quickly. If your progress reaches zero, the girl will dump CJ and he will never be able to date her again.

Gift and Pictures

Giving them Gifts and Kisses can significantly boost your relationship progress. But you have to be careful and choose your moment as kissing abruptly can also be a turn-off for some girls so, it is better to present them with a gift and then go in for a kiss.

CJ can also take pictures of his girl if he has a camera on him which can also lift her mood and increase the progress.

As the relationship progresses, CJ’s love interests might invite him over for “some coffee” and depending on how high your relationship status with them is, your “coffee” visits become more frequent.

Increasing Millie Perkins Relationship Progress

Now that you know how dating in San Andreas works, you can easily progress your relation with Millie and reach 35%. (That’s where she gives you a Keycard, which is crucial for a heist).

Take her out on a Special date by wearing a gimp suit before going to her house and CJ will walk in to do some “Kinky Stuff”. These dates will give you a significant boost of 10% to your relationship progress.

You can easily reach 35% by taking her out on a few regular dates and then eventually going over for some “Coffee”.

Once you reach 35%, she will give you the keycard, and then you can either kill her or keep dating her. Do note that if you decide to keep dating her then she will ask for her cut after you successfully perform the heist because she knows about it.

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