GTA Online to Get San Andreas Flight School as DLC? Yes, Please!

GTA Online is rumored to receive a new pilot and flight school DLC called San Andreas Flight School.

The update will be part of Patch 1.16 and come with flight suits, 10 solo missions, reserve parachutes, parachute bags, and four new vehicles.

The 10 solo missions are said to include objectives that will improve your flying abilities with missions such as low flying challenges, flying formations, combat maneuvering and more.

As for the new flight suits, they could be for some parachuting missions but it’s more likely that they are just there to bring some new attire options for players. With regards to the new variety of parachute bags, they also seem to be in new designs and could see to some being available for purchase while the rest are free with the update.

The reserve parachutes addition is simply a new game mechanic to allow players a second chance in case they mess up the first time during their jump.

Rockstar Games had already mentioned that they would be releasing new vehicles but we’ve yet to know what they have planned for Patch 1.16. Since the rest of the DLC is related to flight, the new vehicles could be a new helicopter and a jet.

There is currently no release date for Patch 1.16.

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