Best Agency to Buy in GTA Online The Contract

In this guide we’ll tell you the best agencies to buy in GTA Online and list down all the options available in The Contract DLC.

GTA Online just got its latest expansion, The Contract. This is another high-stakes, high reward expansion. One of the first requirements of The Contract missions is that players will have to own an Agency building to attract the sort of rich clients you will need for the missions. In this guide, we’ll tell you the best agencies to buy in GTA Online

Best Agency to Buy in GTA Online

You need to buy an Agency in The Contract expansion in GTAO however, they don’t come cheap. Players will have to fork over at least 2 million dollars and that sort of money isn’t child play, and once you hand it over there are no refunds.

So, to help you out, we’ve listed the best agencies to purchase in GTAO so that you make the right purchase.

Below are all the agencies according to price and then our pick for the best one.

Agencies In GTA Online

Agencies Price
Rockford Hills $2,415,000
Vespucci Canals $2,145,000
Little Seoul $2,010,000
Hawick $2,830,000

Best Agency To buy In GTA Online

All of the agencies look exactly the same from the inside, so you don’t have to worry about the decor. Right off the bat we will be eliminating Hawick as an option because it’s price tag lands somewhere near the 3 Mil price tag, which would be an absolute waste of your money.

Personally, we would like to waste as little of our hard-earned money as possible, so we usually take the Little Seol Agency. It’s also located in a decent neighborhood, putting it somewhere near the middle of Los Santos. So that will be our ideal pick.

Although if you find Vespucci Canals more appealing that one also isn’t a very big step above our favored agency, so go for it.

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